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A couple responds to the cries of distress of a tiny stray kitten


A couple responds to the cries of distress of a tiny stray kitten

A couple responds to the cries of distress of a tiny stray kitten

On a hike, a couple cross paths with a tiny abandoned kitten. The little kitten walked with difficulty, limping and crying for help. The couple responded to their cries of distress.

The couple basically took care of him by taking him to the vet and then bringing him home. These moments of sacrifice through sleepless nights and travel to the vet, ended up bearing fruit. The kitten is back on its feet. This cat was the victim of his mother's abandonment because of her paw injury. It took the necessary time, but this hazardous encounter and this healing are a miracle. This cat wandered for a long time in these conditions.

This little feline was fed daily, exclusively with a syringe, until he found the resources and strength to use a bottle. This barely saved kitten is welcomed into the family circle which is really involved in its recovery. He is taken care of, fed and washed.

The kitten had really felt this affection. This kitten is very grateful for the gesture and shows his love for his rescuers. He particularly appreciates the master whom he escorts everywhere even with his injured leg.


After two weeks, the kitten's health improved and her feet were doing better and her teasing side began to show.

The little kitten got really attached to the children of the family. They have become the best friends in the world.


More than a month has passed after her rescue, and the tiny kitten is truly healed and regaining strength. He lives happily in his new home for life.

You can see more of this lovely family on Instagram, thank you for such a great story. You urgently subscribed to this Instagram account.

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