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5 Breeds of the Smallest Cats in the World


5 Breeds of the Smallest Cats in the World


A small cat is more like a kitten and let's face it all that is small is cute. This is probably what explains the preference of many other cat lovers for small cat breeds. If you are one of them, then great!

Discover our top 5 of the smallest cat breeds in the world, which we have listed in order of size from the smallest to the largest of the smallest.

You will not fail to find there also some comments on their character and behavior, to help you in choosing a breed of cats that would suit you among all the breeds of cats that exist.


Well, Singapura is the world's smallest cat! This turns out to be rather an asset to go unnoticed and to delight its prey during its hunting parties: its favorite activity. He has a pretty round head and very characteristic large almond eyes.

It would be according to some sources, originating in Singapore and made 25 cm of withers for a weight ranging from 1.8 to 2.7 kg. He is hyperactive, affectionate and also known for hisdress seal ticket tabby short-haired. You will need 800 to 1500 euros to adopt one.

The Munchkin

It is classified in second position on our list for its short legs which give it only 30 cm of withers and have earned it the nickname of "basset cat". This little feline weighing 2 to 5 kg comes straight from the United States of America.

The Munchkin is because of its small size, very agile, fast and very attractive, because it always infuses that innocent and flirtatious air that kittens have. Very affectionate and playful, he is an exceptional life companion who will earn you around 1000 euros.

The Korat

The Korat is a lucky cat that comes from Thailand. Indeed, it is known to bring good luck to its owner, to whom it can be extremely sensitive and deeply attached. He is distinguished by his blue dress, and his large green eyes.

The Korat measures on average 25 cm at the withers, for 2.5 to 4.5 kg. He is very intelligent, quick-witted and can easily learn to play ball like a dog. A cat of this breed is worth on average 1,500 euros. Eh yes ! You have to believe that even luck has a price.

The Skookum

The Skookum is obtained by crossing a Munchkin and a Laperm, precisely characterized by its small size and its curly coat all over the body, even down to the level of the tail. It is native to the United States and very weakly distributed in France.


The Skookum makes a little more than 15 cm of withers for 2 to 4 kg and has short or medium-length hairs at most, and a life expectancy ranging from 12 to 14 years. A peculiarity of its own is that its hind legs are longer than its front legs: a bit like a rabbit.

The Cornish Rex


Despite being one of the smallest cat breeds in the world, the Cornish Rex at least has the recognition of being the largest cat on our list. It does not generally weigh more than 5 kg and measures 35 cm at the withers. He is appreciated for his sympathetic and balanced character.

He is also a very affectionate cat and sometimes a little too much: a pot of glue so to speak. He is very intelligent and friendly to everyone, he loves hugs. However, because of his very curly coat, he hates the cold. You will need to count between 800 and 1000 euros to adopt a Cornish Rex.

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