15-year-old tabby cat discovers the amazing person he's always hoped for

15-year-old tabby cat discovers the amazing person he's always hoped for

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15-year-old tabby cat discovers the amazing person he's always hoped for

15-year-old tabby cat discovers the amazing person he's always hoped for

A very badly damaged, visibly beaten cat was found on the streets of New Jersey. Solitary, this desperate animal managed to survive. This tabby cat was dropped off at the Voorhees Animal Orphanage. The vets took care of him. Great was their surprise to see that this 15 year old tabby cat was very kind and sweet, but sorely lacking in love.

This particularly loving kitty was doomed to spend these 15 years at the shelter. Then, fate decided otherwise when Dr. Ed Sheehan and his wife Claire from the "Sheehan Veterinary Center" saw his photo on Facebook. “When we saw his picture on Facebook, we felt he really needed a lot of vet care just about his age and his appearance,” Clare said. So, the couple took the ties with the shelter and decided to take Barnaby under their dome.

Veterinarian Doctor Sheehan did a health check for the animal. He gave her all the recommended blood tests. The nursing staff really enjoyed the chat and there was an amazing atmosphere in the clinic. The staff really fell in love with Barnaby. He wandered around the office not like an intruder, but like a king in his palace. It touched everyone's heart.

Rachel, a veterinary technician assures us that this cat was very smart and followed the cleaning of the floor very closely so that no space was forgotten. At nightfall, he rests on his knees. Barnaby has been put on antibiotics and his condition appears to be improving. This tabby cat has grown bigger and his coat has improved. Barnaby regains a zest for life, loves to be brushed often and enjoys good food.


At this age, cats often develop certain conditions that require special daily care. This fact makes Dr. Sheehan and his wife particularly attentive to their pet. Barnaby touched their hearts with just a look at his photo. Barnaby, more than a pet, is a child to us. He is a very loving being who is cared for and maintained by the Sheehan couple. And all of the clinic staff really appreciate it, according to Ms. Clare.


When this cat happens to lack appetite, the nurses are on alert and give him spoonfuls of cat sauce. Food supplements and vitamins are also added to their diet. Everything is well mixed with his food. Dr. Sheehan also found his pupils dilated. In fact, Barnaby is getting older and can't see as well as before. Barnaby is surrounded by all the essential care and enjoys perfect affection. “He's our baby and he has to be happy."The

health of Barnaby and his happiness is therefore a priority. His well-being is priceless. Who knows the hard time he may have been through. He currently enjoys the love of his veterinarian father and mother. He also enjoys the good graces of the technical team who take great care of him. Barnaby lives happy and peaceful days in his new home.

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