Egyptian Cat Statue

Egyptian Cat Statue </br>

Egyptian Cat Statue

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Raffirm your decor easily with this elegant Egyptian Cat Statue Ashtray that is particularly neat. Vintage or designer, you'll enjoy the most chic and sweetest of moods.

  • Easy to arrange: this cat ashtray will fit perfectly in your home
  • Sculpture handcrafted in Resin Plus®
  • Unique, fine and authentic design
  • Handcrafted construction
  • Size: 13.3 x 8 x 9 cm
  • An exceptional cat gift
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The most beautiful Cat Statues

Like a cat, your sublime cat statuette will convey calmness and finesse in any room. In wood, stone, resin or ceramic, find our cat statues now through a unique collection for the most beautiful cat gift.

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