Cat tree with sisal rope & beige hut

Cat tree with sisal rope & beige hut

Cat tree with sisal rope & beige hut

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Sleeping on his cat tree with beige sisal rope & hut, your gorgeous cat will now have his own space and will be truly delighted. It's a great way to take a nap, have fun and scratch, everything will be allowed! No more doubt, your cat will now be the most fulfilled of the family.

  • Your cat tree with sisal rope & beige tree house
  • Suitable for big and tall cats: with generous dimensions, this cat tree is perfectly suited for all cats, even big ones.
  • Large: 4 levels, 1 tree house, 3 pom-poms, posts with scratching post
  • Stable & Compact: its base ensures this cat tree has excellent stability in a small footprint
  • Solid: with its excellent quality mdf wood structure, this cat tree will ensure your cat years of enjoyment
  • Height: with its 148cm height, your cat will play and rest serenely
  • Composition : Wood for stability, natural sisal rope for scratching and rubbing, velvet for softness and comfort
  • Dimensions: Height 148 cm

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