Cat tree kitten & adult

Cat tree kitten & adult

Cat tree kitten & adult

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Posted on his kitten & adult cat tree, your gorgeous cat will also have his space and be the most adorable. Sleeping, running and climbing, he will adopt it! For sure, your cat will now be the cutest cat in the house.

  • Your kitten & adult cat tree
  • Suitable for big and tall cats: with generous dimensions, this cat tree is perfectly suited for all cats, even the largest.
  • Standard: 4 levels, 2 huts, pom-pom, posts with scratching post
  • Stable & Compact: its base ensures this cat tree has excellent stability in a small footprint
  • Solid: with its excellent quality mdf wood structure, this cat tree will ensure your cat years of enjoyment
  • Height: with its 115cm height, your cat will play and rest serenely
  • Composition : Wood for stability, natural sisal rope for scratching and rubbing, velvet for softness and comfort
  • Dimensions: Height 115 cm / Base 60 x 49cm

😸 Cabbage Cat Guarantee: your cat will love his awesome CAT TREE! 😸

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