Cat Earrings
Chaton d'Or

Cat Earrings </br> Chaton d'Or

Cat Earrings
Chaton d'Or

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WITH THESE ADORABLE 18K GOLD CAT EARRINGS, BE THE BEAUTIFUL WOMAN WITH A BIG HEART. SHOW THE Kitty in you and show off your good looks with this magical cat gift.

  • Available in 18K plating: Gold, White Gold, Pink Gold
  • Magnificent Diamonds in White Crystal Zirconium ®
  • Earrings fine and elegant

  • They are very pleasant to wear


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For a very long time - jewelry has been a fabulous medium of expression. The cearrings make you look elegant.

Since stud earrings joined the cat trend, they sublimate the true woman deep inside you.

Designed with precious metals such as silver or gold, cat jewelry exposes your character as a sweet, delicate, and surprising woman.

The choice is yours! A cat ring or cat earrings? But what's certain is that your happiness is growing at Chat Chou!"

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