Best Pet insurance for Cats

The Best Pet insurance for Cats of 2022


Insuring your cat's health, here is a trend that is rising in the world and rightly so: increase in veterinary expenses, animal living longer and longer, progressive awareness of owners on the necessity of care, etc.

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The insurance of cats is in full boom, the offers diversify and the competition is fierce. It is not always easy to find your way around before subscribing, so let's take stock of the situation so that you can subscribe to the best insurance for your feline with complete peace of mind! 


What is a good cat insurance?

This question deserves as many answers as there are varieties of cats. In reality, the right insurance is the one that best covers the known health needs of your pet.

For example, a healthy alley cat may not need a very high level of care. On the other hand, a purebred cat like the Maine Coon, which is prone to health problems, will benefit from good coverage.

In a very general way and without going overboard, an intermediate plan is often interesting for most cats, while a maximum plan is recommended for those with more fragile health.


Here is the type of formulas of guarantees that one frequently finds on the market of the insurance of cats and kittens:

  • Essential plan: flexible membership conditions overall, coverage acquired only in case of accident for partial reimbursements (50% and more depending on the insurance company)
  • Intermediate plan: membership conditions according to the age of your cat, guarantees included for accident as well as for illness and reinforced reimbursements (70% and more according to the contracts)
  • Protective plan: strict membership conditions, coverage for accident, illness and consultations, high reimbursements (from 80% to 100%)

Many insurers add options to their contracts, such as a prevention package, home assistance or a capital sum for the death of your cat.

How to choose the best cat health insurance?

In order to present you with a relevant ranking, we have taken into account certain criteria that we feel are fundamental to having a good cover for your mustachioed companions.

Here are the basics:

  • Good value for money in terms of the coverage offered
  • Low or no waiting period
  • Non abusive exclusions of coverage
  • Deductibles adapted so as not to leave the majority of costs to be paid by the owner
  • Decent ceilings and especially in line with average veterinary fees
  • A coverage acquired at an advanced age: if your cat is not covered after 10 years, the insurance policy loses its value
  • Customer reviews: the more positive they are, the more serene the relationship with the insurer and the more transparent the guarantees

It is important to know that you should subscribe from the youngest age of your pet in order to benefit from the most attractive cat health insurance rates. You are also free to change insurers, but remember to make this change before terminating the old contract so that an interruption period does not result in the insurer's refusal.

The Best cat insurance of the year 2022 


Say hello to InsurePaws, the affordable, hassle-free pet insurance that you and your pet will love. There are over 2 million pets in Thailand, only a little have access to affordable care—until we came along.4 Reasons to Love InsurePaws

  • Signing up takes less than 1 minute
  • No hidden fees, ever. Our coverage is simple and transparent.
  • Up to 100% reimbursement at any vet in Thailand.
  • No claim ? No increase ! Maximum renewal increase is 3% per year

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How does InsurePaws pet insurance work?

Our pet insurance is no-nonsense with easy-to-understand policies and a convenient tech-based claim process. Simply enroll in a plan, pay a small fee, and submit your claims online—we’ll take care of the rest.

Step 1. Subscribe to InsurePaws

Set up your InsurePaws account in less than 1 minute by providing basic information about your pet and yourself, and select the plan that fits your pet.

Step 2. Use any licensed vet in Thailand

With InsurePaws, you have the flexibility to keep your current vet or use a new vet if you’d like. Visit any vet, hospital, or specialist in Thailand worry free.

Step 3. Submit a claim in a minute

Just answer a few quick questions, upload your vet bill and any relevant medical records, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Step 4. Get paid

Once your claim is approved, we’ll reimburse 100% of your vet bill in as little as 48 hours via direct deposit.

All Plans Include
✔️ Accident & Injuries
✔️ Hereditary & congenital conditions
✔️ Swallowed Objects & Toxins
✔️ Emergency & Hospitalization
✔️ Surgery & Specialized care
✔️ Cancer treatment
✔️ Parasites & Infectious Diseases
✔️ Outpatient care
✔️ Illnesses
✔️ Diagnostic, Testing & Treatment
✔️ MRI, CT Scan & X-ray
✔️ Ongoing & chronic conditions


If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us about an insurance for your cat, we will help you with great pleasure!