5 Reasons Why Your Cat Smells Bad From the Butt

5 Reasons Why Your Cat Smells Bad From the Butt

5 Reasons Why Your Cat Smells Bad From the Butt

Have you noticed that your cat smells bad from behind? This is an uncomfortable situation both for your feline and for you and which necessarily has a more or less precise origin. We know that cats like to show you their buttocks, but from there to what they smell strong!

To help you understand why your cat stinks ass, here are 5 of the most common reasons that could explain it and allow you to remedy it.

He is sick, a disorder of the anal glands

It is not uncommon for a cat who smells bad from the buttocks to be subject to a disease which favors this state. Certain diseases such as diarrhea or urinary tract infections can indeed cause an accumulation of feces in the perianal area or the emission of strong-smelling urine. If your cat is a victim of it, it may be the reason that it smells bad from behind.

In addition, your little feline may also suffer from a disorder of the anal glands. Located on either side of the buttocks, the anal sacs harbor a malodorous liquid which is used not only to lubricate the anus to facilitate the expulsion of excreta, but also as a means of communication and identification between congeners from the 'smell.

In general, this disorder can result from an infection that affects the functioning of your cat's anal glands and causes the abnormal ejection of the liquid they contain, hence the bad smell felt in this area.

He Has Difficulty Grooming His Butt

For one reason or another, a cat may have trouble grooming his bottom properly. This will be the case, for example, if he is obese. Indeed, a cat subject to overweight may have difficulty in perfecting the toilet of its buttocks.

The same will be the case for a cat who suffers from hip dysplasia or suffers from arthritis preventing it from easily reaching the posterior area. Consequently, the feces and his pee will stick to the hairs and cause the bad smell.

Note that if your cat can no longer do his personal hygiene properly, it will be up to you his master to help him daily by cleaning his behind properly.

He has hair knots on his buttocks

The bad smell that emanates from your cat's bottom can be explained by the hair knots in the buttocks area. Indeed if it has very dense and particularly long hairs around the buttocks, it is possible that they get tangled in the absence of adequate brushing or a cut in this area.

The knots formed in this way will capture the particles of excrement and urine when your cat relieves himself. As a result, he finds himself not only with the bottom which constantly smells bad, but which in addition is painful due to the tension exerted by the knots of hair.

He is injured around the anal area

If your cat smells bad from the hindquarters it may also be due to the fact that he has suffered an injury or has scratches in this area.

Indeed, a lesion lodged in the perianal area not detected in time can not only lead to itching and infection, but above all cause unpleasant odors in the buttocks.

In case of bad odor in your cat, do not forget to check the perianal area for the presence of a possible injury and if necessary, make a visit to the veterinarian to treat her before she does. have time to get worse.


He Has Difficulty Controlling Anal Gland Secretions

Much like an abscess or local infection, a stressful state in your cat can impact its ability to regulate normal anal gland activity and lead to bad odors. Under these conditions, the anal pouches will tend to lose secreted fluids, without your cat being able to control them.

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