What type of litter should I choose for my kitten?

What type of litter should I choose for my kitten?

Do you want to potty train your kitten without ruining its health? So, it would be wise for you to opt for a litter that has as little dust as possible, fewer chemicals and is easy to maintain for you. And above all a litter that promotes toilet training.

To help you quickly find the right litter for your little kitten, this article presents all the criteria to take into account, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of the different types of litter suitable for kittens.

Recommendation of 2 litters to buy for a kitten

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  • Ultra Absorbent Litter
  • Without dust
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The characteristics of the ideal litter for your kitten

To find the ideal litter for your little baby, you must mainly take into account criteria such as the level of dust, the presence of chemicals or not, ease of maintenance and cost.

As little dust as possible

Because of your kitten's very small and not yet well-developed and very sensitive lungs, you will need to ensure that her litter contains as little dust as possible. Otherwise, he could develop allergic reactions, asthma and even lung infections. For this we advise you in particular to avoid mineral litter or sand-based litter.

No harmful chemicals

For the same reasons as those mentioned above, in addition to the fragile and sensitive skin of the kitten, the ideal litter for a kitten should be free of chemicals. Therefore, prefer litter without perfumes, without chemical additives and other clumping substances.

Easy to maintain and economical

Of course, a good litter should also be easy to use and maintain for you, especially with a high urine absorption rate and high odors, which will considerably reduce the frequency of cleaning. This type of litter can sometimes be expensive to purchase, but is very economical in the long run.

So, mineral, vegetable or silica litter?

Depending on the type of material, you will find 3 types of litter for your kitten on the market: mineral litter, vegetable litter and silica litter.

Mineral litter, although the cheapest of the 3, has a very high dust level and a very low absorption capacity for liquids and odors. It is therefore not recommended for your little cat.

Plant litter has a good absorption rate of urine and odors, and contains virtually no dust, or non-irritating dust. In addition, it is the most natural litter that can exist. It is therefore highly recommended for your kitten. However, it is possible that granules stick to the legs of your little animal.


With the best absorbing power for liquids and odors and being dust-free, silica litter is undoubtedly the most efficient on the market. It is therefore also recommended for your little hairball. Despite its high purchase price, they require a low frequency of cleaning, which will cost you less in the long run.

Clumping or non-clumping litter?

Whether they are made of silica, mineral or vegetable, the litters can be either agglomerating or non-agglomerating. Clumping litter boxes have the power to form small, solid balls on contact with your kitten's urine, making it easier for you to clean the litter box.

Non-clumping litters do not have this power. Generally, clumping litter boxes have a low dust level, good absorbency, but do not neutralize odors, require more frequent cleaning, and stick a lot to your kitten's paws (which will leave it all over the place. litter).

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