An incredible Cat becomes the nanny for eight baby hedgehogs

An incredible Cat becomes the nanny for eight baby hedgehogs

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An incredible Cat becomes the nanny for eight baby hedgehogs


An unfortunate lawnmower incident killed the mother of 8 little hedgehogs. But that was without counting on the kindness of an admirable cat who took care of them. This very affectionate cat thus became by a combination of circumstances the mother of eight baby hedgehogs.

The little hedgehogs were collected from Sadgorod Zoo in the city of Vladivostok, Russia. After the tragic incident to their mother, the baby hedgehogs refused to be fed with both syringes and bottles. “The mother of the hedgehogs was hit on the head by a lawn mower. Her eight babies were left without their mother. They did not eat on their own. After two days, the hedgehogs were hungry. "SaysAlyona Asnovina, the Deputy Director of Zoo Sadgorod.

The deputy director of the zoo saw the Musya cat lurking in the yard. She took it and brought it closer to the baby hedgehogs. The symbiosis was perfect after a few seconds. The experiment was conclusive since the cat had come closer to the baby hedgehogs and vice versa. The smell of milk and the mother's instinct of the cat prevailed. An astonishing, but perfect rapprochement that knows how to operate without difficulty. Everyone quickly grasped their role. She went to bed and the hedgehogs were able to feed on her milk.



Musya became their adoptive mother. Fortunately, her breasts still had milk. This foster mother nursed several foster kittens. The little orphaned hedgehogs quickly got used to it. The cat feeds them and takes care of them perfectly even at night.

The tiny hedgehogs grow up thanks to the affection of a loving and devoted cat who covers them with warmth and stuffs them with milk.


The immeasurable love of a cat never fails!

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