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This man was awakened by a strange noise in front of his door and there Surprise


This man was awakened by a strange noise in front of his door and there Surprise

Tim Newton is a photographer living in Alaska who was woken up one night by strange noises coming from his door. He had previously thought of a burglary. But great was his surprise. There he found seven cute lynx kittens accompanied by their mother.

This man was awakened by a strange noise in front of his door and there Surprise

In surprise, he grabbed his camera to capture the moment. More surprisingly, the mother waved to her children and they all lined up in Tim's field of vision to make it easier for him.

The seven kittens then began to play on the deck and in the yard. Tim explains that “They were coming and going, hopping and jumping on top of each other. I started to crack. I thought “Wow! What incredible luck? It was just wonderful! They were so cute ”.

As he was enjoying the scene watching these adorable kittens wrestle, roll and chase, he admired their mother who she watched closely.

Lynxes are elusive by nature, and Tim had only seen them a handful of times in the wild. Having the opportunity to photograph them near his own home has been an exciting experience, a dream for any photographer. He told us he had never seen so many lynxes and was amazed.

“They started playing again,” Tim tells us. For the next 40 minutes, they took turns playing on his terrace. They were chasing each other, rolling and fighting.



The lynxes hadn't noticed his presence except for one who had come closer to him to investigate. It didn't go well. He describes the scene in these terms: “I don't know why I did it, maybe it was to say, 'Oh, what a cute little kitten!' - but I removed the camera from my face, and our eyes met. ” “I could see an expression of terror on his face. His eyes were wide open, and he took the key to the fields. But the others didn't get it. ”


Seeing the mother watching all her kittens run and play in the backyard, Tim was impressed especially with the way she kept them under control.

After a while, the mother lynx decided to end recess. She casually gathered her kittens and they all returned together to the forest. To Tim the whole meeting seemed like a miracle.


He concludes in these terms: “We are always delighted, to go to meet the fauna”. “It makes me grateful for where I live. I am grateful to have seen these lynxes up close. What an incredible experience! ”

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