Top 10 Most Famous Cats on the Internet

Top 10 Most Famous Cats on the Internet

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Top 10 Most Famous Cats on the Internet


Cats make us fall in love with each other and we love to observe their every move on social networks! We marvel at their cute little faces and their clumsy actions.

These cats have become famous thanks to their funny physique and their atypical personality and make the happiness of millions of Internet users around the world.

You've probably already seen one on social networks!

Who are these superstar felines? Here is a top 10 of the most influential ch'tars on the Net at the moment!

The grumpy: Grumpy cat

You knew the King of Pop, here is the King of Instagram! Grumpy cat is the web phenomenon of the last ten years. His pouting face is appreciated by nearly 8,650,000 subscribers! Like what, it has good to be the face…

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The author: Colonel Meow

Do you like Colonel Meow? " Yes sir ! And you have more interest because a look like that… it is not forgotten and, in all honesty, it flanks the kit a bit! Something to obey him with the finger and the eye… And it is not his 294,000 followers who will tell you the opposite.

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Fashion: Hamilton

Hamilton is a cat with an impeccable look! His sense of taste and fashion make his 471,000 followers say on Instagram: “Beautiful, my darling! »

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The princess: Nalarevolving

She haseyes… and 2,200,000 followers who have been touched by this weapon of seduction! Ranked third among internet users' favorite cats, Nala will make you fall in love with her in the blink of an eye!

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The unusual: Monty Boy

Born with a deformity in his nose, Monty has a completely atypical face! This particularity has made him a star of social networks. Monty Boy is now followed by over 100,000 Instagram followers who love to watch his daily adventures.

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The mysterious: Venus

The Venus of the Internet has nothing to envy that of Milo… To be honest, it would make us think more of a modern-day Janus. This mysterious facial Yin-Yang makes Venus an instragramsque goddess. No wonder it arouses the curiosity of 1,300,000 Facebook subscribers!

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The sulky: Garfi

We could believe him distant relative with Grumpy Cat! Garfi is a sulky, grumpy cat and clearly not in the mood to give you a cute smile. No, it is by making a face ... That we mark the spirits. In any case, its 58,900 followers do not shy away from their pleasure to watch it evolve!


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The plush: Snoopy

Who has not melted in front of this little boil of love? So yes, we warn you, once you have met his gaze, you are bewitched! Snoopy Babe looks like a blanket that you want to cuddle all day long ... And 326,000 Internet users are ready to volunteer for a cat-sitting mission!

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Funny: Lil Bub

Suffering from a congenital disease, Lil Bub has made his disability a real strength. Followed by more than 2,800,000 subscribers on Facebook, this adorable cat is the second favorite cat of Internet users.

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The Core: Sam


Sam seems to be always scared of something… But why panic about success? 191,000 people follow the life of this funny eyebrow little cat with attention!

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