British Shorthair: 5 Things to Know about this Majestic Looking Cat

British Shorthair: 5 Things to Know about this Majestic Looking Cat

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British Shorthair: 5 Things to Know about this Majestic Looking Cat

the British Shorthair

By its physical characteristics, the British Shorthair is a cat that looks like a real plush. Sacred favorite of British families, he presents a profile and a character compatible with almost everyone, which seems to justify the great notoriety that he is recognized beyond his homeland. Below are 5 things you should know about the British Shorthair.

A 100% British cat breed

The British Shorthair is the first cat breed to originate from Great Britain. Legend has it that he is the descendant of ancient Egyptian cats exported to Greece and then to Portugal, and whose expansion led to Scottish soil. What is interesting is that the British Shorthair is actually the product of a careful selection of the finest local cats from England, conducted under the leadership of Harrison Weir, shortly before the1st cat show of the 1871 Crystal Palace in London.

A cat with a majestic look

The British Shorthair has a majestic presence which it owes to its imposing size, but above all to its short and very dense fur, with a woolly texture. It also gives it an air of living plush. An impression accentuated by his rounded body, his short thick tail, his head and his large round eyes.

A cat compatible with the majority of master profiles

The British Shorthair can boast of being a breed compatible with virtually everyone, from novices to true cat enthusiasts. He enjoys a life inside and out. It is therefore suitable for people living in the countryside, in a well-appointed house or apartment.


He is known to be one of the most affectionate and sociable domestic cats there is, which allows him to easily find his place in a family setting, in the company of children or other animals.

In addition, he has a balanced temperament between calm, discretion and games, to suit people with a need for tranquility. Finally, he tolerates a little loneliness, which helps him to adapt to more or less busy people.

A feline that requires little care

The British Shorthair does not require extensive care. A basic maintenance is more than enough for him. Although it is very dense and thick, its short coat remains easy to groom. In fact, a weekly brushing will allow you to preserve its radiance and its health (however, it must be more regular during the moulting period).

Likewise, you will take care of the care of his ears, his oral health and his balanced diet, in addition to preventive health measures such as vaccination and deworming, so that he is well protected.

A cat as popular in France as in its land of origin

The British Shorthair has been crowned the favorite cat of British homes since 2001. In France, its notoriety is certainly not at the height of the prestigious Maine Coon, but it still figures prominently in the top 5 of the favorite cat breeds of the French.

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