The Best Cat Food - What to choose for your cat

The Best Cat Food - What to choose for your cat

The Best Cat Food - What to choose for your cat

The Best Cat Food - What to choose for your cat

Are you looking for the ideal kibble for your little cat? But above all, you are looking for kibble that is good for him and good for his health. So in this case, what should you look out for before buying kibble for your cat?

Let's take a look at what your cat needs to stay healthy for a long time without emptying your wallet.

Note that this page has long tips for understanding what the cat's dietary needs are, I understand if you don't have time to read everything, so to make things easier here is a summary and some product suggestions, in accordance with our quality advice.

Summary of the guide to choose the kibble for your cat

Advantage for Univers Chat readers

For the purposes of my research on kibble for cats, I had the opportunity todiscuss with many professionals and veterinarians and test different types of kibble, so it's a product that I know well. In particular, I discovered the Ultra Premium Direct brand of kibble, it represents many of the characteristics that really matter to me when choosing kibble for cats.

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In the end, it is even easy to find promotions on their site to add during your purchase.

The selection of the best kibble for cats

Depending on the origin and nature of the ingredients and many other criteria, we have rigorously selected for you the best kibbles for your cat. If they don't suit you, we also offer some tips that will help you quickly find the best kibble for your little feline.

Depending on their age, size, weight or even their state of health, cats do not have the same nutritional needs. This is why you will find in the store specific kibbles for kittens, for adult cats, for sterilized cats and indoor cats, for obese cats, as well as for older cats. Below are the best ones based on your budget and your cat's needs.

Special kitten food

Click to See the Selection of Drysuitable for Kittens

foodSpecial food for adult catsfoodfood for Adult

Click to See the Selection of Drysuitable for Adult catscats

883 Reviews

True Instinct High Meat Adult - Nature's Variety - Drywith Boneless Chicken - 7kg

True Instinct High Meat Adult

Without cereals or gluten, without preservatives, without artificial colors or flavors, with a low carbohydrate content, and to top it all, a high meat content (75% boneless chicken), True croquettes Instinct High Meat Adult are undoubtedly one of the best on the market for adult cats. A must to feed your cat efficiently and keep him healthy.

Ultima Dry Food for Adult Cat Salmon and Rice 3 kg

Ultima Dry Food for Adult Cat

Based on salmon, Ultima Dry Food for Adult Cat is particularly rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, which guarantees healthy skin, shiny, soft and silky coat to your dear cat. In addition, its significant fiber intake from beet pulp and cereals ensures good digestion for your cat.

Clickto see the Nuggets selection tailored to Sterilized cats or cats of

Interior'sSpecial supply cat obese

Click to see the nuggets selection tailored to cats Overweight

The special food for senior catsfood

Click to See the Selection of Drysuitable for Senior cats

Note: I have given you the direct links to the shop each time since they offer free delivery in 24 hours.

Why feed your cat with dry food?

Feeding your little feline kibble is by far the fastest, easiest and most economical solution for you.

There are 3 ways to feed a cat:

  • Dry
  • food Pate
  • Raw fooddry food

Indeed, contains all the nutrients essential for the development and health of your little feline. Being dry, they keep very easily, for a long time and do not deteriorate in contact with air. Thus, you can make them permanently available in a bowl or in a kibble dispenser.

Unlike dry food, cat food is difficult to keep. In prolonged contact with air, it loses its flavor, its aromas and therefore its quality, thus scaring away your furball. Once opened, the can of mash should be stored in the refrigerator. In addition, as the cat prefers to consume food at room temperature, it will be necessary to warm the food kept cool slightly before serving it to your cat.

Raw food is a mode of feeding which consists in feeding your cat with raw meat, respecting strict proportions in bone, flesh, guts,…, to simulate the nutritional contribution of a real prey. Needless to say that although this is the diet that most closely resembles your cat's natural diet, raw food will require a lot of health precautions, a lot of time and also more silver.

The case of croquettes with cereals, watch out for your kitten!

The cat being a strict carnivore, its organism only needs the animal proteins provided by its prey (and to a certain extent, plants, fruits and vegetables contained in the stomach of the prey). To meet carbohydrate needs, your cat's body has the ability to convert these animal proteins into carbohydrates.

Thus, since cereals are not part of your cat's diet and are high in carbohydrates, excessive consumption by kitty will lead to a high level of sugar in his body, which exposes him to diseases such as diabetes and obesity. In addition, cereals are also the cause of violent allergic reactions.

To ensure the cohesion of the croquettes and make them crisp, themanufacturers of standard croquettes use cereals. However, these industrial croquettes, although being less expensive, are difficult to assimilate by the body of cats, not to mention the previously mentioned health problems.

If you take care of your cat and want to buy grain free kibble or if you do not yet know which brand of grain free kibble to choose, see our dedicated page.

To overcome this problem, premium brands opt for the use of potatoes and peas, which are certainly more expensive than cereals, but much more digestible and healthy for the cat. You understand why grain-free brands are more expensive and healthier.

However, note that potatoes and peas, like grains, provide carbohydrates for your tomcat (which is not very good for him). For optimal nutrition for your cat and of course to preserve his health, opt for kibbles that contain as few carbohydrates as possible !

What you need to keep in mind is that a healthy kibble for your cat should have a maximum carbohydrate level of 20% (the closer to 0% the better!), At least 40 % of proteins and between 15 and 25% of fats of animal origin (and not vegetable!).

Which kibble to choose for your cat?

Not all kibbles are suitable for all cats. Depending on their age, weight, physical condition and state of health, cats do not have the same food requirements. This is how a kitten, an adult cat, a sterilized cat, an obese cat or even a senior cat will not have the same kibble.

Special kitten food

A kitten less than one year old, which is therefore in full growth, will need a diet rich in proteins and fats to strengthen its muscle mass and also in calcium and other minerals to develop its structure bone and teeth.

If you have a kitten, I invite you to read our page devoted only to kitten kibble.

Special adult cat food The adult

cat, already having its final size, will no longer need a lot of fat like a kitten, at the risk of becoming overweight. Likewise, as his bones are no longer developing, his need for calcium and other minerals will be reduced, otherwise they will cause him kidney and urinary problems.

The special diet for sterilized cats or indoor

cats A sterilized cat spends less energy than a non-sterilized cat and tends to gain weight, just like an indoor cat who does not do much physical exercise. . So the energy requirements of these cats are significantly lower than those of a normal adult cat.

If you have a sterilized or indoor cat, I invite you to read our page devoted only to kibble for neutered cats.

Special obese cat food

An obese cat is an overweight cat. To help him regain a normal weight and thus prevent complications such as diabetes and heart disease, his diet should be as low in calories as possible. Which is why high fiber kibbles are great for him.

If you have an overweight cat, I invite you to read our page devoted only to light kibbles.

The special senior cat diet

An old cat has poor health and a different metabolism from young cats. He also tends to lose muscle mass, hence his need for proteins and fats in well-defined proportions, and essential nutrients that will help him strengthen his immune, urinary, digestive and cardiovascular systems.

If you have an elderly cat, I invite you to read our page devoted only to dry food for old cats.

What is important to do when your cat is fed kibble

The volume of food available

A full bowl of kibble

As the kibble keeps well and does not deteriorate on prolonged contact with air, you can feed your dog. self-service chat, which tomcats love.

However, it sometimes happens that a self-service-fed cat does not know how to ration itself, and therefore begins to eat more kibble than necessary, and ends up becoming obese.

Do you know how much kibble to feed your kitten or cat? Take the time to read our articles on this subject:

  • How much kibble to give my cat each day?
  • How much kibble to give my kitten each day?

Do not worry ! For your obese cat, you do not necessarily need special kibble for overweight cats. You just need to opt for an automatic kibble dispenser (with chip identification, if you have several cats) which will allow you to ration your big cat, by programming in advance the number of daily meals, the precise times, as well as the quantities of croquettes served.

The Crucial Importance of

Water Catit Water Fountain

As we said earlier, feeding your cat kibble is the easiest and most convenient solution for you, in addition to providing all the nutrients he needs. . However, there is the other side of the coin, and this is a condition to always take into account: the cat, in addition to nutrients, also needs water !

A cat that does not drink enough water is prone to urinary and kidney problems.

So when feeding your cat dry food you should always and always make sure that they have fresh water available.

A bowl of fresh water next to your kibble will do the trick, but some cats are more picky: they naturally hate "stagnant water". So the ideal, to be sure that your cat will drink water after his meal, is to opt for a cat water fountain.

Premium cat food is more economical than standard kibble!

When you hear that premium cat food is cheaper than standard, it may seem confusing at first glance, and yet it is totally true !

Indeed, a quality diet with premium kibbles protects your cat from diseases such as obesity, diabetes, kidney and urinary diseases, etc. Suddenly, in the long term, it saves you veterinary costs in the future, not to mention the stress linked to your worry, or even your precious time that you are going to waste there.


The premium kibble being more complete in nutrients than the standard kibbles (for example higher crude protein rate and low carbohydrate rate), will satisfy your cat more quickly. So your cat will consume less. Therefore, a premium stock will take longer than a stock of standard kibble. Finally, to make the maximum savings possible, we recommend that you buy your premium kibbles in large quantities, you can then keep them in a kibble box. Buying a 10 kg sachet will cost you much less than buying 5 sachets of 2 kg each…

How much will your cat's kibble cost?

Before going into the calculations, know that the cost of your kibble cat is around 50 to 160 € per year, taking a step back it's not that much. But the most important thing is that the grain-free croquettes are not the most expensive, they are in the middle high. The most expensive are the so-called premium cereals without being cereal-free and most often sold to veterinarians financed by the brands.

Here is an example of the calculation of the cost of kibble for the year. If we start on the basis of a daily consumption of 50 grams of kibble by your little feline, you will have to provide a total of 18 kg of kibble for 1 year.

Cost of Friskies-type croquettes per year

Cost of Virbac-type croquettes per year

Cost of Tast of Wild-type croquettes per yearcost

€ 58 €

160 €


So, if you opt for low-end croquettes like Friskies whicharound € 3.22 per kilogram, then count 58 € per year.

If you opt instead for semi-premium kibble like those from the Virbac brand for adult cats which cost € 8.86 per kilogram, your annual kibble budget will be € 160.

Finally, for premium croquettes like Tast of Wild which cost around 5.71 € per kilogram, that will cost you 102 € per year. You also have premium kibble like Ultra Premium Direct which is worth 4.84 € / kg and therefore 87.12 € per year.

Note that these estimates are made assuming you are not buying in large quantities. If you buy these kibbles in large quantities, the cost per kilogram will be significantly lower, which will lead to significant savings.

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