The 25 Cartoon Cats That Marked Our Childhood

The 25 Cartoon Cats That Marked Our Childhood

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The 25 Cartoon Cats That Marked Our Childhood

The 25 Cartoon Cats That Marked Our Childhood

They rocked our young years and we followed, with fervor, their wildest adventures! The famous cult cartoon cats from our childhood have been an integral part of our life and we still have fond memories of them today.

We therefore offer you a little reminder about these characteristic cats that delighted our afternoons and weekends!

Oggy - Oggy and the Cockroaches

This big blue cat, a little clumsy and clearly lazy, owns a huge house with a large garden. Heaven for a cat, isn't it? Except that a hellish trio of cockroaches, Joey, Dee-Dee and Marky, are making life difficult for him! Jokes and cheap blows constitute the daily life of Oggy who tries, by all means, to get rid of these unfriendly guests!

Garfield - Garfield & Cie

This fat red cat, a bit sarcastic and lazy, is Jon's happy pet. His passion ? Sleep, eat and annoy Odie, Jon's dog. Selfish and pretentious, Garfield is his own priority. Legend has it that he weighs around 32 kg and his love for lasagna cannot deny that number!

Sylvestre - Titi and Grosminet

Sylvestre, also called Grosminet, is a black and white cat with a big red nose and a very funny lisp. Enemy of the evil canary Titi, Sylvestre works out all the stratagems to finally get his hands on it and devour it!

Isidore - Les Entrechats

Isidore is a big orange cat who loves to sleep, eat and annoy the neighbor's dog, Brutus. Coming from a very privileged background and having obtained a noble education, Isidore nevertheless behaves like an alley cat. His hobby? Catch the mice and knock over the trash cans!

Tom - Tom & Jerry

Tom is a blue cat who lives with a little brown mouse, Jerry. Annoyed by the recurring pranks of the latter, he tries to get rid of it ... in vain! Despite his small size, Jerry possesses incredible strength and Jerry can only bow to him.

Scat-cat - The Aristocats

A childhood friend of Thomas O'Malley, Scat-cat is a fervent jazz enthusiast who is particularly gifted on the trumpet! With his group of friends, all alley cats but fine musicians, he sets up a real jazz band whose music delighted Duchesse, Marie, Toulouse and Berlioz. If you are attentive, you will notice that he never goes out without his favorite accessory: his bowler hat!

Thomas O'Malley - The Aristocats

Courageous and selfless, Thomas O'Malley is an adorable alley cat who comes to the aid of the Duchess's family. In love with the beautiful Duchess, he is also attached to his little kittens who, for their part, see O'Malley as the father they never had.

The Cheshire Cat - Alice in Wonderland

Crazy, philosopher, mysterious, the Cheshire Cat is one of the most surreal characters you will find in Alice in Wonderland. He has the incredible power to appear and disappear as he pleases! His smile has marked our minds and continues to fascinate young and old.

The Puss in Boots in Shrek and more

Nicknamed “Casanova”, the Puss in Boots is a real womanizer. Faced with his rivals, he has one major advantage: his large, touching eyes! By arousing pity and tenderness in his enemies, the Puss in Boots manages to get out of the most complex situations.

Daphné - Les Entrechats

Daphné is a cat who, like Isidore, frequents the beautiful city districts. Her incredible beauty arouses the admiration of Isidore who tries to make her fall into his arms. However, Daphne has a desire for adventure… This bourgeois life is clearly not made for her!

Disney's Figaro - Pinocchio

Geppetto's (and Minnie Mouse's!) Pet is a real little feline. While he can be jealous of Pinocchio at times and fear him, he ends up becoming attached to him and appreciating him as a friend. Very naughty, he likes to help his master with daily tasks ... to get lots of hugs in return!

Hello Kitty

Kitty White, better known as Hello Kitty, is a cute little cat born in London. Very close to her twin Mimmy, she loves to bake cookies and do musical and artistic activities. Always surrounded by her friends, she makes sure that everyone has fun and respect each other!

Duchess, Marie, Berlioz and Toulouse

Among the most famous Disney cats there are the Aristocats. Duchess, the mother of 3 adorable little kittens, is a magnificent cat with noble values. She educates her children so that they are real Aristocats! Driven from the house by butler Edgar, she will meet Thomas O'Malley on her way and fall under his spell.


Kittens, like their mother, are very talented! Berlioz plays the piano admirably well, Toulouse is a wonderful painter, and Marie has an angelic voice.

Chi in Chi, a cat's life

Chi is a little cat miraculously taken in by a kind family. We follow him through all his first experiences and his new life in this warm home. His adorable face and his cute attitude will make you want to adopt him!

Si & Am - Beauty and the Tramp

These two little scoundrels, companions of the wicked Aunt Sarah, are real terrors. They have no mercy on others and are satisfied only with their personal pleasure. They covet the family's fish and canary with envy… and hope to make Lady, the innocent cocker spaniel, pay the price for their nonsense.

Lucifer - Cinderella

Machiavellian cat par excellence, Lucifer is a big lazy and execrable animal well known in the Disney cartoon. His thick black fur and terrifying eyes terrorize the other animals in the castle. He does not hesitate to slander others to arouse pity in Cinderella.

Azrael - The Smurfs

Azrael, the cat of the villainous Gargamel, seeks to capture and swallow some smurfs. His red and white coat is not, however, scary ... but the evil expression we read on his face is to make our little blue friends pale!

Scratchy - Itchy and Scratchy

Character from the famous animated series “The Itchy and Scratchy Show” broadcast in The Simpsons, Scratchy is a black cat manhandled by his companion Itchy, a devious blue mouse. Gore and sarcastic, this series is not for the faint of heart!

Riff Raff - The Entrechats

Riff Raff is the leader of the Entrechats. This scruffy looking little cat lives in the middle of a landfill with his friends Saturn, Hector, Marcel, and his fiancée Cléo. All together, they love to annoy the dump dog and do stupid things ... But always in a good mood and without violence!

Cat R. Ton - Fievel in the Wild West

Living conditions in New York are increasingly difficult for the Souriskewitz family. Cats are attacked from all sides and decide to flee the city. Fievel realizes this is all engineered by villainous Chat R. Ton, who tries to create havoc in the small town of Green River.

Madchat - Inspector Gadget

Chat of the famous Doctor Gang, Madchat is the most faithful friend of the head of the MAD organization. Very close to his master, he can unfortunately suffer the consequences of his bad mood and suffer from his frustration!

Shampoo - Ranma ½

During a trip to China, Ranma and her father fall victim to a terrible curse that condemns them to metamorphose as soon as they get wet. Ranma becomes a girl and her father… a panda! Shampoo falls madly in love with Ranma, to the point of becoming clingy and ruthless towards her potential competitors. Sometimes cold and unpleasant, she is nevertheless unparalleled sweetness with Ranma.

Tiger - Fievel and the New World

In danger in their own country, Russia, Fievel and his family decide to leave for the United States. Unfortunately, a storm arises during the boat trip and Fievel is separated from his family. He eventually arrives in America and meets Tiger, an adorable vegetarian who will help the mouse in all of his wildest adventures.

Romeo - Lucile, love and Rock'n'roll


Lucile is a young Japanese woman who divides her time between her evening classes and her work in her father's restaurant. Romeo, Mathias and Benjamin's cat, is a particularly intelligent and brave animal. Very greedy and lazy, he advises Benjamin on his love life and turns out to be a very good confidant.

Félix the cat

Finally, we couldn't finish this top without referring to the most famous of all cats: Félix! Equipped with his magic bag, he likes to go on new adventures. However, the evil Professor desperately seeks to seize the bag ... Fortunately, Felix can count on the help and support of his many friends, including the learned Petit Briquet.

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