Sacred Burmese: 5 things to know about one of France's favorite cats

Sacred Burmese: 5 things to know about one of France's favorite cats

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Sacred Burmese: 5 things to know about one of France's favorite cats

Sacred Burmese

Of hitherto unknown origin, the Sacred of Burma, also known as the Burmese cat, is a cat much appreciated (especially by the French) for its physical appearance, its golden character and its robust health.

If his appearance reveals a priori the heritage of a subtle blend between Siamese and Persian, the Burmese reveals a personality all of his own. Below, 5 important things to know about the Sacred of Burma.

A cat with a mysterious and legendary origin

The Sacred of Burma is a cat originally from Burma. Nevertheless, the breed is considered to be typically French like other cat breeds. Its origin remains mysterious and imprinted with legends. One of them correctly tells that the appearance of this cat with blue eyes and golden fur is due to the power of a golden goddess worshiped by the monks of the Burmese temples.

Another theory, more realistic but not certified, suggests that the Burmese breed was born from a cross between a Persian and a Siamese. What is certain, however, is that the breed obtained its recognition in 1926 in France, where it thrives with extreme popularity.

A cat with a very appreciated physical appearance

The Sacred of Burma subtly marries the features of the Persian by its mid-length coat and those of the Siamese by its light and dark coat at the ends, except for the gloves observed at the end of the feet. Indeed, the ends of the legs and its belly always have a white color. It has a large, triangular, slightly rounded head with light blue, azure, or purple eyes.


The Burmese cat has a somewhat slender, muscular body with heavy bone structure, and carried by short, sturdy legs whose dark tint matches that of the tail, ears and muzzle. Its mid-length and silky fur keeps a golden beige color.

A golden character

The Birman is an easy-going cat. Indeed, in addition to being very calm, discreet and not very talkative, he dedicates a great love and an extreme fidelity towards his master whom he tends to follow everywhere. His only flaw would be his intolerance of loneliness.

Otherwise, he remains an ideal companion for family life due to his sociable temperament which leads him to love children and cohabit with other animals, provided his tranquility is preserved. Lively, intelligent and a great player, the Sacred of Burma finally has a reputation as a real cat-dog.

A healthy cat

The Burmese is extremely healthy. However, it is possible that renal dysfunction will appear in some individuals of the breed after the age of 7 years. Otherwise, it always stays healthy when effectively protected against diseases common to all cats. Hence the need to vaccinate him, to offer him a diet that is perfectly suited to his strict carnivore diet, and to take care of his coat, which is relatively easy to maintain.

No wonder he is one of the favorite cats of the French

With all these advantages in his favor, the Sacré de Birmanie has had no trouble winning the love of cat enthusiasts around the world, especially in France. With nearly 5,000 LOOF registrations (around 11.6% of births) recorded in 2017, the Burmese is the2nd favorite cat of the French, after the Maine Coon.

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