Reviews Tractive IKATI the GPS Tracker for Cats by Tractive

Reviews Tractive IKATI the GPS Tracker for Cats by Tractive


You will find a multitude of models and brands of GPS trackers and collars for cats on the market, but here we will focus on the IKATI Tractive GPS tracker. This device offers many advanced features such as Live Tracking or virtual fence, all with unlimited range. But, what is it really worth?


To help you get to the bottom of it, we have carried out a complete review of this GPS Tracker for cats for you and we are revealing everything to you. Find out below everything you need to know about the IKATI GPS tracker for cats from Tractive, its strengths and weaknesses, as well as our opinion on this connected accessory.

Tractive GPS collar for cats (2021) | Follow him everywhere | 24/7 GPS Tracking & 365-Day

  • History LIVE TRACKING - Track your cat's adventures around the world. In LIVE Tracking mode, the location will be updated every 2 to 3 seconds and displayed directly on your smartphone or on your browser. Maximum battery life: 120 h
  • LOCATION HISTORY & HEATMAP - The GPS cat collar not only shows you your cat's current location, but also where they are moving throughout the day. Discover its usual places with the heatmap on the Tractive GPS application.
  • ACTIVITY TRACKING - See how much time your cat spends napping and walking, calories burned - and make sure he's in top shape.
  • WATERPROOF FOR ANY ADVENTURE - Track your cat's expeditions without limiting the range. The plotter is 100% waterproof and almost unbreakable; ideal if your cat is rather adventurous.
  • CAT GPS TRACKER WITH COLLAR - Weighs less than 30 g, recommended for cats over 4 kg and attaches firmly to the leather collar with safety buckle. The ideal collar for the comfort and safety of your cat.


Video presentation of Tractive IKATI

What we watched during the review of the Tractive IKATI collar

We have carried out the review of this GPS collar by putting a point of honor on 2 elements: the comfort of the wearing of the device by the cat on a daily basis and the master's ease in handling the activity of his feline.

Daily use by cats

At first glance, the case of the IKATI Tractive GPS collar seems a bit large, but it is light and does not clutter. Its shape follows the curve of your cat's neck for comfort. In addition, the plotter has a flexible clip design and optimized to fit most collars available on the market.


Ease of use for the master

The use of the accessory is easy for the master. After installing the Tractive GPS Pet Finder application on our smartphone, we are able to locate our cat and track his activity precisely from anywhere.

On mobile as on web interface, the application remains ergonomic and gives you access to all the options and functionalities of the Tractive IKATI plotter.

Features and functions of the Tractive GPS Collar

The box delivered to you contains the Tractive GPS Tracker, the USB charger and the user manual. The Plotter weighs less than 30g and measures 7.4 x 2.8 x 1.5cm. It is impact resistant and sealed to the IPX7 standard. In addition, a multi-operator SIM card is integrated into the GPS Tracker: therefore, a subscription (from 3.75 € / month) is required to operate the device.

Finally, the device is equipped with a changeable and rechargeable lithium-ion battery, with an autonomy of 2 to 5 days depending on cell coverage and use.

In addition, the IKATI Tractive GPS collar offers you features such as:

  • LIVE Tracking with exact location update every 2 to 3 seconds
  • History & Heatmap mode to track all the movements and favorite places of your cat
  • Tracking activity with statistics on the activity level of your cat
  • The Virtual Fence to notify you when your feline moves away from the defined safety zone.

Tractive Ikati subscription price table

The strengths of this GPS tracker

We have identified several strengths that make this GPS collar quite special, in particular:

  • Its unlimited range of action and its ability to operate in more than 150 countries at around the world
  • Its Premium public & family sharing feature that allows you to share the location and have your pet tracked by family members or friends.
  • Anti-snagging ability.

Conclusion our opinion on the Tractive IKATIGPS collar for cats



Final Opinion: Tractive IKATItracker

Very interesting GPS, it is one of the three best systems on the market. It is a product and its service available for a long time which gives an indication of its use by cat owners. Ikati is a recommended GPS collar system for you.


  • Easy setting
  • Good GPS precision


  • All the same a little big for a cat, we would like a new, smaller version

User note: 3.33 (12 votes)

At the end of this review, what to remember about the IKATI Tractive GPS tracker for cats? We find it interesting because of its easy handling for the master. Its design as well as its features ensure you stay on the track of your feline and always keep an eye on its activities at an affordable overall cost.


Users attest to the effectiveness of GPS in providing good accuracy in terms of location, and we were able to confirm this during the test. Although most of the features are met, options need to be added to the plotter, including ringing, calling, greater battery life, for more complete functionality.

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