Cat Health & Care: Preventing and Curing Cat Diseases

Cat Health & Care: Preventing and Curing Cat Diseases

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Cat Health & Care: Preventing and Curing Cat Diseases


Having a healthy cat is first and foremost about making sure you enjoy their presence for as long as possible. Taking care of him and understanding what can happen to your cat is essential.

Find out how to ensure disease prevention, understand the symptoms to act quickly in the event of illness. As you will have understood, a healthy cat is a dewormed, vaccinated cat who, in case of doubt, visits the vet without being afraid of the bill.

Cat Anatomy: Understands Her Cat's Body

Are Red Cats All Males? True or false ?

There is a widely held idea that cats with red coats are all males. But what about

6 Important Things to Know About Your Cat's

Nose The nose is an essential and no less fascinating organ in our feline companions. An integral part of the respiratory system, it

Sterilization or Castration of the cat: What to choose?

Surely you must have heard of either the castration of cats or their sterilization. What if you

Polydactyl Cats: 7 Things to Know About Cats with Extra Fingers

Like humans, our feline companions are not immune to genetic mutations and physical deformities. For

My cat has hiccups, is this normal? Should we be worried?

Just like men, our feline companions can be prone to hiccups. If you've noticed that your cat is

giving Mon Chat to Dilated Pupils: 3 Reasons for Cat's Round Eyes

Dilated pupils describe a shape in which a cat's eyes appear round and visibly larger than

10 Interesting Things to Know About Your Cat's Eye Color

Whether blue, yellow or even green, cats 'eyes always have a little mysterious side that

At what age and why do kittens' eyes change color?

Kittens have the particularity of having eyes whose color varies with age. If most are born with them

What is the lifespan of a cat?

If you share the life of a cat or are just considering adopting one, its life expectancy is

How old is my cat? Calculate the age of the cat in human years

Cats grow, evolve, and die faster than human beings. Their average life expectancy varies between 10

Can you declaw your cat?

Having a cat in the house is not always easy. Indeed, apart from the inconveniences sometimes associated

Prevention Of Cat Diseases: Taking Care Of Him Daily

My cat sticks out its tongue: 7 reasons explain it!

It often happens that your cat sticks out his tongue and you will like to understand what prompts him to do so?

5 breeds of cats that have a tendency to snore!

Snoring is a rather common and normal respiratory phenomenon in cats. However, some breeds of cats are

My Snoring Cat is Serious?

Have you recently noticed that your cat tends to snore when he is sleeping or even when he is awake and is concerned that

the Cat's Nose is Cold and Wet: A Sign of Good Health or Not?

Since the nose is an essential organ for the survival of felines like cats, many believe that its temperature

Why Does My Cat Have Swollen Belly? Is that bad ?

Are you worried because your cat has visibly swollen abdomen and you don't know why? Note that thedistension

Catno longer Meows and / or Meows Strangely, is it Serious?

It may happen in their lifetime that a cat experiences aphonia (loss of voice) or a change in

5 Reasons Why Your Cat Smells Bad on Her Butt

You have noticed that your cat smells bad from behind - train? This is an uncomfortable situation for both your feline and

5 Tips to Protect a Cat from the Cold: How to Protect Your Cat in Winter?

Do cats hate snow, cold? Is snow dangerous for my cat? Is my cat ready to take

How to take care of the ears of a cat?

If dogs are known to have fine hearing, know that cats are even more efficient! Indeed,

How and why should you clean your cat's nose?

The cat has an ultra powerful sense of smell, which is 70 times more developed than that of humans. You will have much

How much are the first vaccines for your kitten?

In addition to the happiness it brings you, welcoming a new kitten to your home will require you to spend

money. When to vaccinate a kitten for the first time? Not to mention the vaccine reminders!

Because you want to have a healthy cat throughout its life, you are strongly

encouraged. Why get your cat vaccinated if he goes outside?

In France, with the exception of the rabies vaccine which is compulsory in certain infested regions or if you go out

Why have your apartment cat vaccinated?

It is obvious that an apartment cat, which sees the outside only in an exceptional way, is much less exposed to the

prices of the veterinarian for the cat: What are the prices of the veterinary clinics?

The arrival of a cat at home is always a particularly happy and exciting time. It also requires the taking of Taking

My Cat To The Vet: How It Happens?

Taking your cat to the vet clinic is like going to a pediatrician with your baby. Care will be administered

Vaccinate your cat: What you need to know to protect it

Whether it lives exclusively in your apartment (without ever going out) or whether it is permanently outside, your cat is exposed to Cat

Care And Well-Being : The LittleFor Its Good

Extras✅ Buying Guide - Best Cat Brush

Buying Guide - Best Shampoo & Dry Shampoo for Catfor Cat

✅ClipperBreedHairless Buying Guide - Bestof

HairCats, must- he dress them against the cold?

Are you wondering if this is necessary and how to protect your hairless cat from the cold? Is It a Good Idea

My Cat Has Dandruff: How Do I Get Rid of Dandruff?

You've noticed the appearance of unsightly dandruff on your cat's coat, but don't know how tofor your cat's coat

care: 5 things to know to do well

Have you ever had this unpleasant feeling while petting your cat, which gives you the impression of stroking a cat to

catnip 4 amazing effects of this catnip

cats are not herbivores, but almost 80% of cats crave a particular plant for its effects over

Cut the claws cat - Why and How To Cut Them Right?

Regularly cutting your cat's claws is a gesture which, when done properly, greatly contributes

Catnip and Catnip: Each grow has its benefits!

When catnip acts as a dietary supplement, catnip serves as a euphoric stimulant for your tomcat.

Cat Insurance: Prevent & Preserve Your Budget

➡️ Reduce the cost of the veterinarian by 80% with cat health insurance! ⬅️

Insurance and medical expenses for your cat on vacation, what you need to know!


You plan to go on vacation with your cat and do you want to be reassured that he will be well covered by his health insurance in

Is Insurance for Cat worth it?

Are you wondering if it is really worth it to subscribe to a mutual health insurance for your cat? Even

How to get reimbursed for vet costs? - Insurance and Mutual Cat

You have subscribed to a mutual cat for your little feline and want to know how to get reimbursed

6 Tips for Choosing the Right Insurance for Your Cat

More and more cat owners are deciding to take out insurance - illness for their pet cat. This

When should I take out cat insurance?

To protect your cat against various pathologies, or to take care of it after an illness or an accident, you

What does a Mutuelle pour Chat support?

Depending on the insurance contract chosen for your cat, the mutual insurance company covers certain veterinary care following an illness

Insure your cat? Yes, because it can quickly get expensive!

To stay healthy, in addition to a good environment and proper nutrition, a cat needs care

How Much Does Cat Insurance Cost?

If you want to ensure the best health care for your cat without breaking the bank, there is only onesolution

Cat Disease: What Can Happen To Your Cat?

Blood in the Cat's Stools What to Do? Causes & Solutions

Have you noticed the presence of blood in your cat's stool and don't know what to do?It

WhatWhen a cat will die?

Finding out that your pet is going to die soon is a shock that's hard to take. But when death is

how do I know if my cat has a fever? And what to do in case of fever?

Does your cat seem to have an unusually high temperature, a trembling body and unusual or even strange behavior? There

Are 17 Signs That Your Cat Is Sick

Because they pose a real risk to your cat's life, illnesses need to be managed onLife.

11 Signs and Symptoms That Show Your Cat Is DyingTheir

During the Last Moments oflife, body, physique and behavior of the cat are turned upside down, and sometimes the

Lean Cat: 13 Reasons to Explain the Weight Loss of the Cat

Your little feline is losing pounds every day and yet you feed him as well as he can. habit, with a

Third Eyelid in the Cat: What is it and Should We Worry?

In order to survive in their wild environment, nature has provided felines, and therefore cats, with an eye membranecats

Feline Borreliosis: Lyme disease in- Symptoms, Treatments and Prevention

More recurrent in dogs, Lyme disease or borreliosis does not spare the cat, although it remains quite rare

How do I know if my cat is sick?

Seeing your cat be sick is not something pleasant, if you think you are seeing the first signs of this

What are the diseases linked to old age in cats?

Like humans, from a certain age, at around 10 years of age, cats begin to feel signs of

Accidents In Cats: How To Limit The Risks?

My cat eats insects: is it dangerous for him?

Are you worried because you've noticed that your cat is showing a strong taste for insects? Note that there is

Cat Tail Injury: The 6 Most Common Injuries

Useful in many aspects of a cat's life, the tail is however not immune to possible injuries. Like

5 Reasons Why My Cat Is Limping And What To Do!

A cat can be made to limp for one reason or another during its lifetime. If you have a

Broken or Torn Cat's Claw: What to do?

Your cat has one or even several broken or even torn claws and you do not know what to do to treat it

Poisoning and Poisoning of the Cat - How to identify it and react?

Cats live surrounded by foreign elements inside and out they can very quickly be exposed to the elements

Who is responsible for a cat bite or scratch?

When it comes to a claim caused by a pet such as a cat, the question of liability is essential. Even

How to pay the cat's veterinarian in the event of an accident when you can't afford it?

Although most cats are in robust health, they are unfortunately never safe from an accident. Statistically,

How to protect your cat from falling from windows, balconies and terraces - Protection solutions

Your cat is a little adventurer who loves to run away to see if the grass is greener elsewhere.

Cat Parasites: How To Treat And Act?

Buying Guide - Best Vermifuge for Cat

Buying Guide - Best Antiparasitic against Fleas and Ticks in cats

Are Flea Fleas Dangerous for my Cat?

Currently on the market, there are no longer the number of antiparasitic products to fight against external parasites such as

Anti Flea Natural: Is diatomaceous earth safe and effective for my cat?

Whether he lives exclusively in an apartment or also has access to the outside, your cat is never safe from fleas, ticks

My cat has Fleas: How to Get Rid of a Flea Invasion on the Cat?

Having a flea infested cat at home is always a tricky and unpleasant situation, not only for

How to Get Rid of My Cat's Fleas in My Home

Fleas are parasites that, when attached to your cat, multiply in ways exponential. Only one of

Can we deworm a pregnant cat?

A pregnant cat is particularly exposed to worms, and can easily pass them on to her young. However, such as

How to remove a tick from your cat?

Like fleas, ticks are external parasites that feed on your cat's blood. Apart from reactions

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