Pâtée or croquettes without cereals: What to choose for your cat?

Pâtée or croquettes without cereals: What to choose for your cat?

Pate or kibble without cereals

It's a fact that a cat that eats well is a healthy, happy animal. Generally we prefer two solutions to feed our cats: the mash and the kibbles. Each of these feeding methods has its advantages and disadvantages, both for your cat and for you the owner.

If you understand that a grain-free diet is already better for the cat, are you still in doubt about the final choice? Wet or solid food?

Why do you already favor a grain-free diet?

The cat is a strict carnivore and not a vegan animal. This means that as a hunter, it feeds exclusively on the flesh of its prey. As it is difficult to feed your domestic cat with real prey, other solutions have been invented: kibbles and mash and even better, kibbles and mash without cereals.

It is more than recommended that you opt for foods (kibble or mash) that come as close as possible to your cat's strict carnivore diet.

This therefore requires a diet containing as much meat or fish as possible and as little cereal as possible, or even no cereals at all. Because your feline is a carnivore, its digestive system absorbs plants very poorly, and especially cereals. A grain-based diet can cause serious illnesses to your little feline, such as obesity and diabetes, and bowel problems.

Grain-free cat food: a good idea?

Grain-free cat food is good food for your cat and has many benefits for it. First of all, it is perfectly suited to its diet, which prevents it from developing diseases linked to poor diet.

In addition, thanks to its high water content, it guarantees him a good daily intake of water, which is good for his urinary system and prevents him from suffering from kidney stones.


Ultra Premium Pâtée for Grain-Free Cats

These cat freshness sachets are formulated to meet the needs of sterilized adult cats and will help maintain your feline's healthy weight. They will also be suitable for active cats living outdoors. The fiber, taurine and omega 3 intake contained in these cat freshness sachets promotes good digestion and a shiny coat.

However, using the mash as food for your little furball presents a lot of constraints for you. Indeed, the mash is very difficult to keep: in contact with air, its quality deteriorates in just a few hours. As you will have understood, once you open a sachet or a box of food for your cat, the ideal is to empty it as quickly as possible or to opt for a small single-serving sachet. And in the end, this can be very costly to you.


Finally, note that the mash being a wet food, presents a major drawback for the oral health of your little feline: it promotes the accumulation of tartar in the kitty mouth and tends to give him bad breath.

So are grain-free croquettes the best there is?

The grain-free kibbles, and preferably organic, are thebest for your domestic cat's diet. They represent the perfect compromise between the quality of kitty feeding and ease of use for you.

Indeed, just like cereal-free mash, a good organic kibble perfectly matches your cat's diet and helps keep him fit and healthy. In addition, this dry food improves the oral hygiene of the cat, descales its teeth and gives it better breath.

Finally, for you the master, the use of kibble is very simple : as it can be stored easily and for a very long time, you can put it as much as you want and be away for a whole day without worrying. Which therefore makes kitty more autonomous. Many cat owners have understood this well and by looking for the best grain-free cat food and are pushing up the ranking of these products in shops obliged to offer better quality kibble.

However, note that when you feed your cat with dry food, it is imperative to make sure that he has enough water to drink at all times, at the risk of seeing him develop diseases of the urinary system and kidney stones.

To conclude !

Mash and grain-free kibbles are perfect for your cat's strict carnivore diet. However, the use of mash presents many more constraints than that of croquettes. The kibbles are more practical and easier to use: in addition to providing a balanced diet to kitty, it offers him more autonomy and therefore necessarily makes him happier. Of course, don't forget to make sure that your little animal has water to drink, near its kibble.

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