My cat is asthmatic: Which litter box should I choose for him?

My cat is asthmatic: Which litter box should I choose for him?


Feline asthma is one of the most common respiratory conditions seen in domestic cats. If your cat suffers from it, you must take several precautions with everything around it, its accessories, and in particular its litter box.

Let's take a look at the important points to respect regarding the litter box for a cat with asthma, from its choice to its maintenance, so that it does not represent any threat for your asthmatic cat.

Recommendation of 2 litters to buy for an asthmatic cat

Perlinette Silica Litter for Sensitive Cat 1.5 kg

  • Silica Litter for Sensitive Cats
  • Soft for the paws
  • Ultra Absorbent Litter
  • Without dust
  • 1 bag = 1 cat = 1 month

Our complete opinion on Perlinette litter from DemavicLaboratories

CATSAN Cristal Plus- Litter with silica crystals for cats, 1 bag of 3.8Llitter

  • Catwith super absorbent silica crystals
  • 1 bag = 1 cat = 1 month
  • Does not stick to the paws
  • Low in dust
  • Unscented

Our complete review on Catsan Cristal Plus

Litter It is imperative that your asthmatic cat's litter be dust-free

As you know, you must prevent your cat from contact with lung irritants like smoke and dust. This is why your cat's litter must be absolutely dust-free.

Clay litters with a very high dust level are therefore prohibited for your cat.

Most silica litters (clumping or not) generally do not contain dust.

The plant litter can do the trick but still need to find a dust-free litter, plant litter dust or micro-grain is also less absorbent.

But alas, this is not the only condition to be met to be suitable for your asthmatic cat.

The litter box must not contain any chemical substance harmful to your cat

Many chemicals are also likely to trigger an asthma attack in your cat (ammonia, perfumes, etc.). This is why, you must make sure that the litter that you have purchased (silica or vegetable) does not contain any chemical additives that are harmful to your cat.

Do not use scented litter, this also applies to a cat without asthma!

In addition, in order to reduce litter odors, opt for a charcoal filter rather than powdered litter deodorants.

The litter box must be easy to maintain

The litter box for your asthmatic cat must benefit from a particularly strict and rigorous maintenance on your part. Cat urine contains ammonia, which although the odor is very popular with cats, is harmful to your asthmatic tomcat. Thus, you must limit your cat's contact with his urine to the strict minimum, and therefore clean his litter box very frequently.

So, if you use non-clumping vegetable litter, you will have to change it entirely every time your cat pees on it, or at most every day. Which is not very practical or economical.

If you useclumping litter (not clay, of course!), The ammonia odors will be channeled into the solid urine balls formed, which you must remove each time your cat needs water (so several times a day). However, the litter can be completely replaced only once a month.


In the case of silica litter, the latter having an ability to absorb and destroy urine odors, can therefore be used as for a normal cat. That is to say: excrement removed every day and completely replaced litter every month.

Note that each time you replace the litter, you must carefully wash the box, with neutral and non-aggressive cleaning products for the lungs of your dear asthmatic cat (bleach to be avoided!).

In the end, what litter box for your asthmatic cat?

In view of the different requirements presented above, a single type of litter box would be ideal both for you and especially for your asthmatic cat. On the other hand, if your cat is simply sensitive, you can also use a vegetable litter as for kittens.

These are silica litter free of chemical additives that are harmful to your cat (like Catsan Cristal Plus silica litter, which is ultra absorbent, hygienic and dust free).

You will find two recommendations above, Cristal Plus litter from Catsan and Perlinette from Demavic Laboratories.

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