Munchkin: 5 Things to Know about the World’s Smallest Cat

Munchkin : 5 Things to Know about the World's Smallest Cat

Munchkin : 5 Things to Know about the World's Smallest Cat

the Munchkin

If, like most masters, you dream of a cat that remains a kitten throughout its life, you will be delighted to discover the Munchkin !

This adorable little ball of fur with very short legs has the amazing ability to maintain the appearance and character of a kitten into adulthood. Considered one of the smallest cats in the world, it is still little known to cat lovers, no doubt because of its recent appearance.

A breed of recent

origin Of American origin, the Munchkin is a breed of cat that appeared in the 1980s in Louisiana, following a natural genetic mutation. He would have been born of a gutter cat called Blackberry. She gave birth to a litter of kittens, almost half of which had the surprising characteristic of being small in size and very short legs. The parallel was quickly drawn with the dwarf characters of the village of Munchkins in the film The Wizard of OZ, from which its name is inspired.

Imported into France in the 1990s, the Munchkin will be recognized as a breed in its own right by the LOOF and the International Cat Association.

A cat with an unusual physique

One of the peculiarities of this cat, the one that catches the eye, it is naturally its very short and robust legs carrying a relatively long muscular body. This earned him the nickname "basset cat". Its weight varies between 2 to 4 kg and the length of its legs hardly exceeds 6 cm. Even adults, the Munchkin retains its kitten appearance.

Depending on the type of fur, there are 2 varieties in this breed: the short-haired Munchkin and the mid-long haired Munchkin. Finally, note that the breed standard admits all coat colors except for the amber color.

An Eternal Kitten by Its Character

Another fascinating thing that you should know about the Munchkin is its reputation as an eternal kitten. And for good reason, it retains its kitten character in adulthood. He is therefore a very affectionate, cuddly, endearing, sociable cat, and of course very playful, and he remains so throughout his life. Despite his short stature, he is an agile and lively cat who loves to run and hop around. If there's one thing he hates the most, it's loneliness.


A catwith iron health

blessedNature has blessed this little feline with excellent health. Indeed, the Munchkin does not suffer from any genetic or congenital disease listed for the moment. Contrary to what its morphology may suggest, it is not subject to particular problems linked to its small size. In short, this little ball of hair has no other illnesses apart from those common to all cats.

An Easy to Maintain Cat

Overall, the Munchkin is a low maintenance cat. Grooming your fur is pretty straightforward. So, depending on whether you have a short-haired or medium-haired variant, 1 to 2 weekly brushings will be more than enough to maintain the shine of the coat. You should also pay attention to his ears and oral hygiene, brushing his teeth regularly.

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