How to protect your cat from falls from windows, balconies and terraces - Protection solutions

How to protect your cat from falls from windows, balconies and terraces - Protection solutions

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How to protect your cat from falls from windows, balconies and terraces - Protection solutions


Is your cat a little adventurer who loves to run away to see if the grass is greener elsewhere? And for that he wants to jump from balcony to balcony like a monkey. Worried about it slipping and not coming back after a fall?

Living high up and if you have a balcony, terrace or window, you will probably have noticed that your cat loves to lounge there. But if, unfortunately, a pigeon or an insect passes by, your cat will not resist the urge to seize it!

It is therefore essential to put in place certain safety measures in order to protect your favorite companion and prevent him from a fatal fall,

Here are some tips that will allow your cat to avoid injuries and great dangers These facilities will allow you to sleep peacefully at home. night!

The adaptations to make at home so that your cat does not fall from the balcony or the window

Cats are agile and clever when it comes to climbing and trying to escape, the usual safety measures for children for example are not enough no, you really have to adapt to the cat.

The goal is not necessarily to completely block the cat, but to make adaptations forcing it to take more precaution or avoid leaps into the unknown.

Systems are specially designed to block the way for cats in potentially dangerous situations, which you can purchase ready to install or have cat protection professionals installed.

Try the bellow window grilles:

Your apartment or house has bellow windows, which is really nice and practical to ventilate your living space. However, your cat takes advantage of the slightest opening to sneak outside ...

By installing detachable gates, you can manage your little cat's comings and goings yourself and limit the risk of falls.

Install a plexiglass barrier

The positive point of the plexiglass plate is that it will never obstruct the view and can block, durably and firmly, the passage between the window and the outside, they are placed on the outside of the window.

There are gates of all sizes and shapes, so you'll just need to find the one that works best for your type of window. You can even have removable plexiglass windows installed.

Choosing Canisses

Canisses are a simple and economical solution to protect your cat from external dangers. Indeed, getting them is not very expensive and their installation will not require too much effort. However, canisses have the major drawback of blocking the view. And in the face of the unknown ... Your cat is necessarily curious! He might therefore want to climb on the reeds to slip to the other side.

Fixing planters on your balcony

In order to prevent your cat from having the curiosity to venture beyond the railing, you can simply install planters on your balcony or on your window sill, the planters are to be installed on the interior side and not on the empty side. Your cat will be able to climb gradually by venturing from planters to planters without being directly confronted with the void.

Other tips for limiting access to windows and balconies

Know, first of all, that it is not necessary to spend a thousand and cents to properly and durably protect your cat from the risks that may lie in wait for him.

If you have the soul of a handyman (or simply want to watch some explanatory tutorials on the Internet) you can install protection solutions for your little cat yourself!


Its solutions are simple but are not necessarily adapted to the cat or to your home, they are rather invasive.

Making a fence

The main thing is that it is high enough so that the cat can not climb over it. You can also add a slightly sloped ledge that will prevent your cat from going over the fence. However, make sure that your cat does not feel locked up and can freely live his little adventures… Without danger!

Tinkering with a wire mesh

By arranging cleats together, you can create a solid wooden frame and install a chicken wire or a mosquito net. You will need a good stapler for that and an hour of making!

Installing protective nets

When your cat is used to going on the balcony or terrace, one of the solutions is to install protective nets. Without it seeming too oppressive, the nets allow your cat to enjoy his little corner of life without you having to fear a potential runaway on his part.

Regarding the installation itself, it is not very complicated! It suffices to fix the net used at the four corners and, depending on the surface, a small stake to prevent it from falling.

So what is the best solution to protect the cat from falls?

Most importantly, cats are dressy animals and prone to falls only if they are surprised. You must therefore limit the risk of surprises in dangerous places.

For example a bellows window, does not allow to see what is happening behind, this is dangerous. On the other hand, a balcony railing is not necessarily so if the cat can correctly access it without the risk of passing between the bars.

There are many solutions available to fit out your exterior and optimize the safety of your cat, such as the one listed above, not to mentionfitting out a complete catio for cats. This list of tips is obviously not exhaustive and other effective solutions exist. The majority of these installations guarantee protection and low cost, which represents both an advantage for you and for your cat.

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