How to make a cat food dispenser?

Some kibble dispensers are a real gem of technology, but the price of these jewels is often very high ! Food dispensers are handy for feeding your little love cat, so why go without?

Fortunately, it is possible for you to make yourself a kibble dispenserfor your cat, very easily and inexpensively. This article shows you how to proceed for a classic distributor if you have the DIY and DIY fiber.

Make your cat's kibble dispenser in 4 simple steps


The principle is very simple. You just need to assemble 2 plastic bottles perpendicularly : the bottle in a horizontal position will serve as a bowl for the cat (and must necessarily be square or rectangular) and the vertical bottle will serve as a kibble tank, which will feed the bowl as it goes. as it empties.

Plan of the kibble distributor

Step 1: Preparation of the equipment

First of all, take 2 empty cans or bottles, which you will wash and dry. Note that for the sake of stability, one of the bottles must have a square or rectangular base. Also, the size of the bottles will depend on the capacity you want to give the dispenser. A large 2l bottle of Coca-Cola is sufficient for the reservoir and a bottle of milk or a can for the bowl and holder.

Of course, bring a knife and a pair of scissors for cutting the bottles.

Step 2: Making the bowl

Cut out (in the direction of the height) the first bottle, the one with a square or rectangular base, starting from the middle towards the base, to create the opening that will serve as a bowl for your cat. Then, drill a hole on the other half of the bottle (the one that goes from the middle to the top of the bottle), which will allow the kibble storage tank to be fixed perpendicularly.

Step 3: Manufacture of the storage tank

Slice (crosswise) the second bottle into 2 equal parts. The upper part of the bottle will be used to contain the dry food in reserves and the lower part will be used to recap the dispenser reservoir.


Step 4: Assembling and filling the croquettes

Finally, assemble everything. All you have to do is fill the delicious kibble in the dispenser, to the delight of your cat.

A little advice for making the cat's food dispenser

It is obvious that our little DIY is not as stable, solid, etc., as a real model but you are free to customize and improve it, that's it the joy of DIY. On the other hand, it is quite possible to find distributors inexpensively inshops animal, in case your little DIY does not hold.

What you can do to improve this small assembly:

  • Fix the bowl on a base, this will prevent the cat from overturning everything.
  • Tilt the reservoir and the bowl for a better flow of the croquettes towards the end.

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