Reviews Honeyguaridan A36 Automatic Kibble Dispenser with Bowl

Reviews Honeyguaridan A36 Automatic Kibble Dispenser with Bowl

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Reviews Honeyguaridan A36 Automatic Kibble Dispenser with Bowl

Honeyguaridan A36

Among the many models and brands available on the market, the Honeyguaridan A36 automatic kibble dispenser stands out for its characteristics and numerous functions. Its performances are attested by the positive opinions of most of the masters. But, what is it really worth?


Find out below everything you need to know as well as our opinion on this Honeyguaridan automatic cat food dispenser, if you are interested in this private food brand, you will find here our opinion on the Honeyguaridan A25 and A26

What we looked at during our review of Honeyguaridan distributor A36examined

We2 essential aspects to give our opinion on the Honeyguaridan distributor model A36: its easy use for you and your cat on a daily basis, as well as its kibble capacity .

Ease of use for you and your companion

This vending machine is simple to use and easy to clean. After a quick read of the user manual you are able to set it up and program the number, proportion and time of meals. The device is fully autonomous over several weeks and your setting is stored in the distributor's memory. If it turns off, no need to reprogram it each time. You just have to make sure to refill the kibble tank and remember to clean the dispenser after several uses.

The distributor guarantees your cat a regular service of kibble even in your prolonged absence. The removable bowl has a large capacity and its low position facilitates access to food.

The capacity in croquettes

The storage capacity of the dry food Honeyguaridan A36 is estimated at 3 kg. As for the stainless steel bowl, it can hold around 600 g of croquettes. With this model, you are able to program a maximum of 6 daily meals for your cat, in proportions ranging from 1 to 80 for each meal and a weight of between 5 and 10 g per proportion.

Summary of the opinions of buyers of the model A36 from Honeyguaridan

The model makes very good marks with users. The opinions listed on online sites and forums are full of praise or testimony of satisfaction after purchasing this vending machine. The masters find it modern, practical and above all of good quality.


Features and Functions of the Automatic

Kibble Dispenser The Honeyguaridan A36 is designed to exclusively dispense dry dog ​​and cat food. It has a sealed reservoir with a capacity of 3.8 liters with a removable stainless steel bowl. A flashing blue LED serves as an alert when the kibble level is too low, while the HG logo flashes red when the bowl is full. In addition, the dispenser has a microphone and a speaker to record and broadcast personalized messages at mealtimes.


The dispenser is equipped with a blue LCD display with 4 control buttons for the settings. In terms of autonomy, it is powered by an electrical outlet with the supplied AC adapter. In the event of a breakdown, the autonomy is ensured by 4 4D batteries not included.

Finally, the Honeyguaridan automatic kibble dispenser integrates functions such as cyclical meal planning, voice recording, as well as the kibble level alert thanks to infrared sensors.

Conclusion our opinion on the Honeyguaridan A36 kibble distributor



Final opinion: Honneyguaridan A36

A food distributor in the continuity of the Honneyguaridan models, the A36 version is also of quality! The big advantage of this product is to be able to obtain a quality product at a completely correct price.


  • Very efficient, nothing to say about the form
  • The basic functionalities are present
  • Very cool design


  • We would have liked a bowl a little more beautiful

User rating: 5 (1 votes)

Ultimately, what to remember from the Honeyguaridan A36 vending machine? Our opinion ends with a positive note both in terms of form and the actual performance of the accessory. On the form it is a solid model with a sleek design that displays a premium look. It is not bulky and blends easily with the interior decor.


On the performance side, the distributor is impeccable, the functions are complete, the programming is precise, the use and maintenance are easy. For less than 80 €, the price-quality ratio is quite correct.

Its autonomous operation manages to meet the requirements of our felines and increases our freedom and tranquility. This A36 model reflects the high quality recognized by the various distributors of the Honeyguaridan brand.

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