3+1 Reasons to Buy a Kibble Dispenser for your Cat

3+1 Reasons to Buy a Kibble Dispenser for your Cat

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3+1 Reasons to Buy a Kibble Dispenser for your Cat


Like all cat owners, you want to make your cat happy, and that definitely means eating the right thing. The cat being a born nibbler, needs to eat several times a day, which forces you to be present at all times to give it its kibble. Fortunately, the kibble dispenser was invented to make your life easier. In the rest of this article, you will find some good reasons tobuy a kibble dispenser for your cat.

A kibble dispenser frees you from the hassle of feeding your cat at specific times

Due to its small stomach, the cat needs to eat several times a day, in small quantities. He can eat more than 10 times in 24 hours. Thus, to respect your cat's natural feeding rhythm, you have to feed him several times a day, at fixed times. The fact of not respecting the dietary constraints of your cat can have an impact on his health and even his behavior (frustration, aggressiveness, tiger syndrome, ...)

With a kibble distributor, no more moments of anguish when the hour to feed your cat is ringing and you are not ready to go home. Because, as its name suggests, the distributor provides kibble for your cat and for you, completely freeing you from these constraints.

A kibble distributor allows you to ration your overweight cat

The ideal way to feed a cat is self-service, that is to say, put a large quantity of kibble at his disposal, which he can consume as he pleases (bowl filled to the brim or manual kibble dispenser). Indeed, most cats instinctively know how to regulate their ration themselves. But it happens that some do not succeed, and start to eat much more than necessary, until excessive weight gain.

Thus, an automatic dispenser allowing you to control the quantity and the number of daily meals of an obese cat, will help you to follow, with ease, the diet of your obese cat and to make him regain a normal weight for his health.


In addition, a cat becomes too fat because it eats a lot but also because it does not do enough physical exercise. So a toy kibble feeder (which provides the cat with food in small amounts when the cat is playing with it) will force your lazy cat to exercise while feeding.

A kibble distributor allows you to be away for several days in peace

As mentioned previously, the ideal for the cat (who knows how to ration himself) is self-service. When you have to be away for several days (no more than 5 days anyway!), One or two bowls filled to the brim will not be enough, not to mention the fact that the quality of the kibble deteriorates with prolonged contact with ambient air.

A kibble dispenser, with its autonomy of several days or even weeks, and especially with its ability to preserve the quality, flavor and aromas of the kibbles stored there, therefore allows you to be away in peace but not without doing the elementary checks.

A kibble distributor makes your cat independent

With a kibble distributor in your home, your cat will no longer come to harass you when he is hungry, but will go to his dear distributor. Your cat will no longer associate you with food, and when it comes to you, it will only be for cuddles.

A kibble dispenser therefore gives your cat more independence.

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