GPS tracker for cats: Why should it be placed on an anti-choke collar?

GPS tracker for cats: Why should it be placed on an anti-choke collar?

GPS tracker for cats

GPS trackers are not exempt from all risk for our cats. Equipped with an inappropriate collar, they expose them to the risk of snagging and strangulation in their daily movements, hence the need to use a more secure collar for them.

The safest solution is not only to buy a quality GPS tracker, but above all to attach it to an anti-choke collar with automatic release that can be found thanks to the application of the GPS tracker. Discover all the good reasons below to place your cat's GPS tracker on an anti-choke collar.

The importance of placing your cat's GPS tracker on an anti-choke collar

The advantage of placing the GPS cat tracker on an anti-choke collar lies mainly in the safety and comfort of your cat inside and out. outside the house.

Indeed, some poorly designed GPS trackers can be bulky and when they are fitted on a conventional collar, the risk of accident or snagging is greater. Trapped, the collar does not give way and the cat struggling to free itself will seriously injure itself or even strangle itself.

On the other hand, a quality GPS tracker such as the Weenect Cat 2 for example placed on an anti-choke collar with automatic triggering protects your cat from accidents linked to hanging. When your cat gets stuck, the anti-choke mechanism activates and the collar will either extend or open to release it safely. These anti-choke collars are increasingly available on the market. Among the most advanced models, you will find, for example, the Cat-Life collar, renowned for its quality and level of safety.


Cat-Life - The cat collar with adjustable safety closure

It is a collar specially designed to deal with the problems of snagging or catching paws that could injure or strangle cats. The collar is adjusted manually on the cat as for a ski binding. In normal situation it holds perfectly, but in case of snagging the safety clasp opens automatically to release the animal.

cat-life Cat Collar with Safety Closure Made in Swiss (Fish & Paw Orange, Weight over 4 kg)

  • The Cat-Life Collar helps to avoid difficult accidents. Swiss precision - saves life.
  • The CAT-LIFE security closure was designed in Switzerland and especially for cat collars. The engineers' experience in the watch area ensures the necessary precision in a small space.
  • Unlike traditional cat collars, the CAT-LIFE clasp takes the cat's weight into account. As with a ski binding, the cat-Life closure is individually adjusted on the animal.
  • The closure housing is made of plyacetol copolymer. In the center of the closure is a nitrile core. It allows to define exactly the weight for the trigger. As for a ski - long and lateral.
  • The necklaces are weather resistant and do not fade. In addition, almost all tapes with reflectors are equipped with what can save in the decisive moment. The collars are continuously adjustable and adapt to all collars.


The Cat-Life has a plyacetol copolymer closure box with a nitrile core in its center allowing you to set the weight needed for the safety clasp trigger. It is a weather resistant collar that does not wear out over time.

Cat-Life collars are available in 2 different versions depending on the size: a model for small cats or young cats under 4 kg and a model for adult cats weighing more than 4 kg.

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