How to train your cat to come home with a GPS collar?

How to train your cat to come home with a GPS collar?

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How to train your cat to come home with a GPS collar?

GPS collars for cats are renowned for their geolocation function but they also integrate original features such as training. Used properly, this feature helps you educate your cat, make it re-enter on its own or reappear at your request.


However, you should note that the training option is not available on all collars. You must therefore necessarily equip your cat with a GPS collar with training function and proceed in the right way. Below we show you how to get the most out of your GPS collar to train your cat to re-enter with ease.

Use the right accessory, a GPS collar with training functionality In

GPS collar cat

order to successfully train your cat, you need to purchase a good GPS collar with a built-in training option. This is a new and new feature that you won't find in every device. Currently, Weenect brand necklaces are almost the only ones to offer you this option.

Indeed, thecollar Weenect Cat 2 for example "has a training program for the most adventurous cats". This program uses original functions such as Ringtone, Vibration and Phone Call, to facilitate the education or training of the cat.


Weenect Cats 2 GPS Tracker for Cat

WITHOUT DISTANCE LIMIT - The GPS tracker works without distance limit. You follow your dog from your phone (iPhone and Android) wherever he is in the world (more than 100 countries covered)

REAL-TIME GPS TRACKING - The GPS beacon sends its position permanently: up to one position every 10 seconds. Location is unlimited

TRAINING - Ring your dog's tracker at every meal. It will combine the two events. Therefore a ringtone will be enough to make it come home


BATTERY - The battery lasts between 2 to 4 days in daily use (this may depend on the time spent in motion, the strength of the GPS signal and the 2G network). It recharges in 2 hours

SUBSCRIPTION - The GPS tracker is equipped with a SIM card (supplied). It therefore requires a subscription to cover the service costs - from 3.50 € per month (for a 2-year prepaid subscription)


How to train your cat to return with a GPS collar: the different methods

To train your cat to come in from outside or reappear whenever you want, we present you two practical methods using his Weenect Cat collar: the first uses the Ring and Vibrate functions, the second uses the voice of the master via the call function.

Method 1: Ringing and vibrating

This simple method involves associating the ringing or vibration of the GPS beacon with a moment in your cat's life so that it reacts in the desired way. Thus, for example, by making his tracker ring or vibrate at each meal, you will associate the two activities and it will be easier for you to remind him of dinner time afterwards. If your cat is far from home, with the ringing and / or vibrating alert, he'll know when it's time to go home.

Note, however, that the method is only effective if you actually serve her meal on her return, otherwise the learning may fail and your cat may not come back on subsequent attempts.

Method 2: The phone call

This second method uses the Phone function of the Weenect collar to get your cat back. From the mobile app, you can instruct the beacon to call you. Thanks to the speaker and microphone integrated into the GPS collar, you will be able to talk with your little feline. And at the sound of your voice you will see it come home on its own. The method relies on your cat's ability to respond to listening to your voice.

Whichever method you use, we ultimately advise you to adopt the right attitude. For example, arm yourself with a lot of patience and rewards during training. Because our 4-legged companions appreciate their autonomy and do not all behave in the same way. While some cats pick up very quickly, others can learn slowly and take longer.

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