Feeding the cat with a dispenser during an absence, points to check

Feeding the cat with a dispenser during an absence, points to check

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Feeding the cat with a dispenser during an absence, points to check

You are away for several days and you have opted for a major ally: the kibble distributor. Brilliant utensil that allows you to leave with complete peace of mind but of course not before having done some basic checks! But be careful to ensure that the device operates during your entire absence.

The kibble distributors, a good idea but beware

"Feeding the cat with a dispenser during an absence, points to check	"

When you have to leave, the kibble distributor is a good option for your pet to be independent in food, we have seen it regularly in our articles. Even more so if no one can take care of your cat while you are away.

It's important to note, however, that it's always best to ask a neighbor, friend, or family to drop by once in a while for a little routine check-up.

To travel without stress, certain details should not be neglected such as the connection of the device, the quantity of food, the operation… Your cat must not run out of food.

3 important points to check before an absence

Before your departure do not forget some basic checks, your cat will be grateful to you and will not be traumatized during a next absence!

For vending machines, check the power supply

As with all electrical devices, you have to check that it is simply working, check that the outlet is connected correctly and check that the batteries are fully chargedcharged and sufficientlyfor the duration of the operation. the absence.

This is surely the main risk for electrical distributors, the power failure. In order to avoid any accidents, make sure everything is working before leaving and opt for a dispenser with plug-in power and back-up batteries. Take the time 1 or 2 days before checking if everything is going well.

Will the amount of food be sufficient?

You have to plan the amount of food your cat eats based on your days away. Be careful with the model of dispenser chosen, the autonomy periods can be from 3/4 days to 7 days maximum.


Likewise, if you plan to go away for several days, purchasing a water dispenser is a good idea so that your cat can hydrate properly.

Check that the dispenser works well before leaving

If it is a recent purchase, it is recommended to check the functioning of your kibble dispenser before leaving. Also consider finding an alternative in the event of a power failure.

In conclusion

A little advice between cat owners, prefer a manual kibble dispenser for absences of more than 2 days, the risk of breakdown is nonexistent.

If you follow these checks, your cat will not even notice your absence and will welcome you with open "paws" when you return.

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