Cat harnesses - Choosing a harness to walk your cat

Cat harnesses - Choosing a harness to walk your cat

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Cat harnesses - Choosing a harness to walk your cat

Cat harnesses

The cat harness is the most suitable accessory for your cat to accompany you on short walks outside, but we cannot tell you enough, the cat cannot be walked on a leash in the same way as a dog.

Cats are animals that do not cope well with being coerced and it is very difficult to make him obey as one can make a dog do, the harness unlike the cat collar, is of a great help to make learning the ride easier for your pet.

Unlike the doggie who will go wherever you want, it is more the cat who decides which area he wants to explore and how he will do it.

We all like to go outside for a while with our pets, and even cats can walk. Of course, walking a cat is different from walking a dog.

Top 3 Cat Harnesses To Buy 😻

These 3 cat harnesses are the bestsellers in the store, cat owners accustomed to walks recommend them.

Cat Harness and Fluorescent at Night

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  • Harness for Walking the Cat and Fluorescent at Night! 🙀

    € 19.90 € 18.90

    Do you want your cat to be spotted at night? This fluorescent harness meets all your expectations! Whether you walk your cat on a leash or ...


    Also sold with a 120 cm leash, this harness, varying in size from 24 to 36 cm, has a fish tag. Covered with reflective strips, it has the particularity of shining at night, when it is exposed to any light source. It is available in blue, green, red and purple.

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    Ergonomic and Adjustable Harness for large cats

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  • Ergonomic and Adjustable Large Cat Harness with Leash

    € 25.90 € 16.90

    Choose a comfortable harness for your large cat that will not overwhelm it! It is not always easy to find a walking harness ...


    Wapt Pet

    Harness specially designed for large cats, the vest format offers perfect support for the cat, the forces are distributed throughout the body. Its adjustable straps allow the accessory to be adapted to the morphology of the cat, offering it a comfortable harness once adjusted to its size. The harness is available in sizes S, M and L and in 3 colors, Blue, Red and Pink and comes with a leash.

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    Harness with bow tie for catswith bow tie for cats

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  • Harness Petit Monsieur😻

    30.90 € 19.90 €

    Do you want your cat to be the most chic in the neighborhood? Choose this cute bow tie harness for him! No doubt that with this harness ...


    Wapt Pet

    Sold with a 120 cm leash, the "Little Mister with Bow Tie for Cat" harness is specially designed for cats weighing between 4 and 14 kg. Available in 3 sizes (S: 4 to 7 kg, M: 8 to 10 kg and L: 10 to 14 kg), it has 2 layers of which the interior is 100% polyester and the exterior 100% cotton .

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    3 otherideas to give you an idea

    If you do not have the time to read our little guide on collars and harnesses for cats and you want to go as simple as possible, you can trust us on these 5 harness ideas made for the cat.

    However if you do not know how to select a harness refer to the explanations below, with the multitude of models and types of harnesses available on the market, finding the best cat harness is not immediately obvious.

    To help you find yourself quickly and so that you can get an idea of ​​what a good harness is, we offer a small selection of 5 reference harnesses.

    Trixie Car harnesses for catsfor cats

    TRIXIE Car harnessesRed 20-50 cm / 15 mm

    • made of nylon
    • can also be used as a harness while keeping the cat attached
    • padded and fully adjustablebelt
    • lapquick and easy to install
    • with fully adjustable short leash (no suitable for all car models, spare buckles available separately)


    Specially designed to secure your cat when traveling in cars, this red harness size ranging from 20 to 50 cm has a padding on the chest . In addition, note that its leash can clip to the end of the vehicle's seat belt.

    Details and the opinion that emerges on this

    PetSafe harness Cat harness and leash Easy Walk

    PetSafe Cat harness and leash Easy Walk, Medium - Blue

    • For cats between 27 cm - 36 cm chest circumference
    • Two clip closures for easy carrying fit
    • Soft nylon construction
    • 1.05 meter elastic leash
    • Adjustment manual included

    Supplied with an elastic leash of just over one meter, this PetSafe harness made of nylon is available in 2 colors (blue and red) and in 3 different sizes (small, medium and large). In addition, it has 2 clip closures, allowing the device to be properly adjusted to perfectly match the size of your little feline.

    Details and the opinion that stands out on this harness

    Trixie Cat Set Harness and Stretch Leash

    Trixie Cat Set Harness andLeash assorted colors

    • in resistant mesh
    • Stretchsoft soft harness with fully stretch leash
    • comfortable to wear thanks to the soft padding
    • with clip closures, ensure a secure
    • fit with reflective border


    Suitable for cats with a chest circumference varying from 24 to 42 cm, this accessory is made of resistant nylon mesh covered inside with a soft padding. Available in many colors, it is supplied with a fully extendable leash, 1.20 meters long.

    Details and the opinion that emerges on this harness

    Why use a harness for the cat?

    In general, a harness allows the cat to move safely and avoid the risk of suffocation when it is hooked.

    Thus, it is the best accessory for you to walk with your cat, to get around in the car. You can also use it to let your cat enjoy the balcony without the risk of falling.

    A harness to go for a walk with the cat

    If your cat, like most pets, is not used to leaving his home (cat living in an apartment, young and inexperienced cat, etc.) and you want him to discover the outside world, he will need a little help during his first walks.

    The cat walk is a learning process that goes through several stages that will require patience, much more than for a dog. Do not hesitate to consult our guide to teach your cat to walk with you: 4 steps to learn to walk your cat on a leash.

    Indeed, a cat who is not used to going out will be very frightened by anything he sees or hears. And, at the slightest fright, he will run away and hide anywhere in nature, which unfortunately can cause him to lose his way.


    Thanks to the harness, you have the possibility of allowing your cat to become familiar with the outside world in a progressive way while keeping. The harness with leash will allow you to catch and control it easily, without amplifying the panic if it tries to escape.

    A harness to go to the vet in the car

    The harness also allows you to secure your cat in the car. Indeed, in order to avoid any accident (yes, your cat panicking in the car can scratch you and cause a traffic accident !), You must immobilize your cat when you are traveling in the car.

    So, when you go for example to the vet, there are harnesses that can be easily attached to the seat belt, allow you to immobilize your cat in the car safely. As a result, he will not be able to escape from the vehicle through the window and especially jump on you while driving.

    The harness is not the most suitable accessory in the car for traveling the cat, prefer a cat crate or a bag.

    A harness toyour cat to enjoy the balcony in complete safety

    Finally, you can also use allowa harness with a leash to limit the movements of your little furball in a given perimeter. This is how you can for example use this accessory so that kitty enjoys the balcony without risk of falling.

    To do this, you just have to leave your cat on the balcony while attaching the leash to a fixed point, so as to prevent the animal from reaching the railing.

    How to Choose a Cat Harness

    There are a multitude of types and designs of harnesses. However, what you need to know is that choosing a harness is not just a trivial matter.

    In order to find the best harness for your little feline, you must take into account key criteria such as the size of the animal, the configuration and type of harness, as well as other elements such as ease of use and value for money. -price.

    How to define the size of the cat's harness?

    The ideal harness for your cat must be perfectly adapted to its size, size and morphology. It must not hug the animal (at the risk of injuring it), must be large enough so that the cat is comfortable and completely free of its movements. However, also make sure that the equipment is not too big, otherwise your cat could come off the harness and run away.

    To select the size of a harness, you need to take three measurements and compare them to the product information:

    • The neck circumference, the size of the harness must be between the maximum and minimum size of the product.
    • The chest circumference, to be measured between the back of the front legs and the back.
    • The length of the back, measured at the base of the neck to the birth of the tail.

    Basically, to choose the right size of the harness, you just have to measure around the chest of your little feline, just behind the front legs. It is strongly recommended that you opt for a model with adjustable straps. As a result, you will not have to change harnesses every time your pet grows or increases in volume.

    Another way to select the size of the accessory is to rely on the weight indications on the product if your cat is not a breed of cats known to be small or large.

    For large cats like the Maine Coon, Norwegian breeds, it is important to choose a large cat harness. These harnesses are better suited to the morphology of these imposing felines and therefore above all more comfortable for the cat.

    What type and shape of harness to choose?

    Depending on the use you want to make (walk in the park, travel by car, etc.), the morphology of your animal as well as your tastes and preferences, you have a choice of 2 types or configurations of harness: the H-shaped harnesses and the V-harness.

    • The H-shaped or 8-shaped harness: Composed of 2 circles (one going to the back of the animal's neck and the other around the torso) and provided with an additional band that connects the 2 circles, the harness in H represents the classic basic harness.
    • The V-shaped harness or vest harness: The V-shaped harness is either made up of 2 circles (one going to the back of the animal's neck and the other around the torso) and provided with two bands (the one on the back and the other on the stomach) which connect the 2 circles. Or it is a little jacket or vest that your little furball will need to wear.

    This latter harness configuration considerably reduces the strain exerted by the leash on the cat's neck, thereby limiting too much strain on its body when restraining the cat, we strongly recommend opting for a V-harness or vest.

    What other criteria should be taken into account when choosing the harness?

    In addition to the size and type of harness, note that other details such as the material of the harness, its ease of use, not to mention the value for money, are elements that will make all the difference when choosing.

    As for the material, you will usually find harnesses made of leather, cotton and nylon on the market. Combining aesthetics, resistance and lightness at the same time, nylon is the material that we strongly recommend to you.

    Ultimately, you can still opt for a cotton harness, but leather is strongly discouraged because not only is heavier than other materials, but also more uncomfortable.

    In addition, always keep in mind that a good harness should be easy to use: that is, it will be easy for you to put it on and take it off from your cat.

    Where to buy a collar or harness?

    Cat collars are not very expensive products if you opt for a basic H-shaped model, but you will understand that a good harness is a V-shaped model or a vest, both types of harness are available on the Univers store. Cat.

    Here is an example of a selection of the best rated harnesses by pet owners

    TOP 1

    rabbitgoo Cat Harness Small Dog Leash Adjustable Kitten Harness Black XS Reflective Cat Harness Collar Breathable Vest for Rabbit, European Cat, Maine Coon, Persian, Top Tie with Leash

    TOP 2

    Simpeak Cat Harness Small Dog and Puppy Harness, Adjustable Kitten Harness Leash, Breathable Safety Riding Vest Cushioned and Anti-escape, for Cats, Puppies and Rabbits (Black)Harnesses, Cat Harnesses, Cat Harness

    TOP 3

    CatLeash, Harness Leash for Cat, Harness for Cat with Leash Reflective Vest, Adjustable Harness Leash for Small Cat, for Puppies Cat Walking (S)

    TOP 4

    Harnesses and Leashes for Dogs, Jacket Breathable Adjustable Reflective Interior, Harness Set Padded in Soft Mesh for Puppies and Cats for Walking, Training (Gray, XS)

    TOP 5

    FAYOGOO Adjustable Cat Harness, Anti Escape Leash Cat Harness Lightweight Kitten Harness, Collars Harnesses and Leashes for Ch at Breathable Easy to Control with Reflective Bands

    How to put on a cat harness?

    As mentioned earlier, there are several harness configurations. The installation of this type of accessory varies more or less from one harness to another. This is how the technique of attaching a vest harness is different from that of an H or V.

    harnessPutting a V-harness on your cat

    Orient the harness correctly and pass the cat's head through the opening provided for this purpose, so that the point of intersection of the latter is located just above the back of the cat and under its neck. Then, all you have to do is pass the 2 straps around the cat's belly and close the large loop. Above all, do not hesitate to adjust the length of the straps, until the harness is perfectly enough for your cat (not too tight and not too wide).

    Putting an H-Harness on Your Cat

    After identifying the back strap (the shorter one), position it at the top and slide the head of the little feline through the smaller loop. Then open the large loop: you will find that one half forms a D with the belly strap. Grasp the front paw on the same side as this half and pass the paw through the closed part inside the D. Then, slide the rest of the strap of the large loop under the kitty belly, bring it up on side and close the loop by tying it to the other end, at the top.

    Obviously, you will have to take the time to properly adjust the size of the buckles so that the harness is well enough for your little fur ball.

    How to get a cat used to the harness and the leash for the walk?

    Beforeplanning any walk outside with your little feline, you must take the time to get the animal used to the harness and the leash. If you don't go through this step, your little furball may be traumatized for life at the thought of going out, which would be a shame! You must also start learning as early as possible with your cat, it is easier to walk a young cat than an adult at the beginning, for this you should use a kitten harness.

    Getting the cat used to the harness

    Let the harness hang around and leave it in the house for a few days, so that your little feline can have fun with this "thing" and have time to permeate its scent. Thus, this object will become less doubtful and more familiar to him.

    Once done, pick a time when your cat is relatively calm (not playing or running around) to put on the harness. Not being used to it, it is normal for your cat to wriggle a bit at first or hang completely. Repeat the operation 1 to 2 hours a day, for several days, until kitty is completely used to the presence of the harness on him.

    Getting the cat used to the leash

    Once your cat is completely used to having the harness attached to his body, attach the leash to the harness (already installed on the kitty) and observe your pet's behavior. Obviously, he won't like it at first, but will eventually get used to it. Then, going gradually, hold the leash first inside the house, then on the landing, then in the garden,… and finally outside.

    You will understand, without rushing your cat, gradually increase the duration and frequency of outings, as well as the places of exploration. Of course, don't forget to reward and encourage your little furball with a treat every time they behave well!

    Which lead to use with the harness?

    Not all leashes are created equal, as cats don't work like dogs. It all depends on how you want to use it!

    • If you have very occasional use of the leash + harness combo, prefer a leash with a length of approximately 1.20m.
    • For more regular or daily use, opt for a leash whose length can be adjusted. Short when the need arises and long, leaving the cat free when needed. The more than 3 meters long leash is ideal if your cat likes to walk and is well-suited to go out.

    Should we prefer a collar or a harness to walk a cat?

    Unlike the case of dogs, the cat collar is mainly used as an accessory for decoration and identification of the animal. The cat, an independent animal, tends to pull on the leash. You therefore understand that if the leash is attached directly to the collar of the little feline, the latter risks strangling or being injured in the event of strong traction or panic.

    In conclusion, avoiding the risk of strangulation and maximizing the comfort of your cat, the harness is undoubtedly the ideal accessory to walk your cat on a leash in complete safety.

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