Cat food or kibble: What to choose?

Cat food or kibble: What to choose?

To allow you to easily and efficiently feed your cat in a way that respects its carnivorous diet as much as possible, manufacturers and experts in the animal world have developed 2 types of food that are easy to use: mash and kibbles, there are now more and more pattée and croquettes without cereals.

To know which of these 2 foods to choose, you will have to take into account criteria such as your cat's age, physical condition, habits or even state of health. You will also have to take into account the constraints on you, in terms of ease of use and budget.


Cat food or kibble

The best kibble on the market foodprovide all the essentials to nourish and maintain your little feline in good health. It is a dry food, which does not deteriorate on prolonged contact with air, which makes it very easy to store. Thisyou also givesthe possibility of self-service feeding your cat, freeing you from the chore of being present at specific times for the kitty meal.

In addition, being dry, the croquettes are more compact and therefore richer in nutrients than the mash. In equivalent quantities, the croquettes have more energyvalue and nutritionalthan the mash. Suddenly, the cat will consume less, which will reduce your budget.

Finally, not only do cats appreciate the crispness of the croquettes, but in addition this food considerably improves their oral hygiene. In fact, the croquettes remove tartar from the teeth, facilitate blood circulation in the gums, and give your hairball better breath.

However, kibble is not recommended for cats with little drink

The only constraint when you use kibble to feed your cat is to make sure that he always has fresh water available, for this you can opt for a fountain with water. Indeed, as kibbles are dry foods, with less than 13% water, the cat must drink a lot of water when it consumes it. Otherwise, he will develop urinary and kidney failure.

Thus, kibble is not recommended for feeding cats that do not drink a lot of water.

Cat foodcat

Like kibble, food meets all the nutritional needs of your little feline. But on top of that, with its 80% water, it also meets your cat's water needs. In other words, a cat fed with mash does not necessarily need to consume water.


In addition, due to its strong smell, the food is very palatable to cats. Only, it has many constraints for you.

With the mash, there are more constraints for you

Mash is a food that deteriorates quickly on contact with ambient air. So, you can't self-service feed your cat, which is what suits her best. So you will have to be present each time to feed your cat at specific times, and will have to clean his bowl several times a day.

In addition, the cat must consume more of it than kibble to have the same nutritional values, which will have a significant impact on your budget.

So to summarize, with the mash, it's more constraints for you: more work (cleaning the bowl several times a day, to keep in the refrigerator), more time and more money.

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