Breed of Hairless Cats, should they be dressed against the cold?

Breed of Hairless Cats, should they be dressed against the cold?

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Breed of Hairless Cats, should they be dressed against the cold?

Breed of Hairless Cats

Are you wondering if this is necessary and how to protect your hairless cat from the cold? Is it a good idea to cover it with clothes or not?

Well, it must be said that the way cats' bodies work (in terms of temperature management) is quite similar to that of humans and therefore our little felines can get cold too. But is dressing a cat the best idea to protect it from the cold?

Let's take a look at the subject together!

Can Hairless or Hairless Cats Really Get Cold?

The temperature of cats generally varies between 38 ° C and 39 ° C, which makes them naturally more resistant to the cold than we humans. However, keep in mind that cats can be very cold, for example if they are wet, if they are in contact with a cold object or surface, or because of a draft. or low ambient temperature.

However, regarding furry cats, they not only have a covering coat of hair, but also an undercoat which gives them very good protection against the cold.

As for hairless cats like thebreeds Sphynx, Donskoy or Peterbald, they usually have thick skin that allows them to keep their internal temperature constant, but in low temperatures this is not enough. Hairless cats are therefore more vulnerable to the cold than furry cats, in winter they must always be kept warm to protect them from the cold !

Is dressing your hairless cat a good idea?

Cats are not too keen on clothes as it tends to interfere with their movement. Therefore, it is often better to avoid dressing them for no reason, it is also necessary to give them time to get used to it, the ideal is to do it small. In addition, if they are not with you, it can be a source of accidents such as getting stuck in a branch for example.


As a general rule of thumb, if your little hairless companion is more of an indoor cat like the Sphynx cat breed, there is no point in dressing him up unless it's to disguise him. However, since indoor cats (always used to being warm) tolerate the cold less than others, if you decide to walk them in particularly cool weather, it is better to dress them in specific clothes like the ones you can be found on

Which parts of the body should be protected first and foremost against the cold?

The parts to be protected are the extremities of the body, mainly the pastes including the pads or the ears. The ears are probably the most sensitive parts, but using a cap (for protection) proves to be a source of discomfort for your cat, since hearing is a sense allowing him to understand his surroundings.

Overall, if you had to dress your cat to take him out when it's cold out, plan a coat tokeep his whole body warm simply. If he walks in the snow for an extended period, slippers may be useful, but these are not accepted by all cats.

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