The 5 Most Beautiful Breeds of Black Cats!

The 5 Most Beautiful Breeds of Black Cats!

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The 5 Most Beautiful Breeds of Black Cats!

The 5 Most Beautiful Breeds of Black Cats!

Do you want to adopt a cat with a black coat, but you are still not sure which breed to choose? Choosing a purebred cat is not always easy to make, especially when you know that there are behaviors, physical traits and even pathologies specific to certain breeds.

We have therefore prepared this selection of the 5 most beautiful breeds of cats with black coats, whose behavior we have specified and some useful information to help you choose.

The Maine Coon

Cat'sMaine Coon also admits several colors including black dress. All the peculiarity of the breed lies in the size which can go beyond 1 meter. And when it is highlighted by an elegant black long-haired and silky fur, the impression is increased tenfold!

In terms of behavior, the Maine Coon is also one of the most affectionate breeds of cats. Even with its weight which can exceed 10 kg, the Maine Coon is very agile: it is a great swimmer and an excellent hunter who has difficulty living in an apartment. He is also calm, caring and loyal, like a dog.

The Bombay

The Bombay is a special breed of cats that knows only one coat color: a waxed black coat, uniform all over the body, to the ends (ears, legs, tail),  one of the most beautiful cats. From the cross between the Burmese and American Shorthair species, Bombay cats are all black, like miniature panthers, with golden ocher colored eyes shaped like an almond.

Native to the United States, the Bombay is a calm and affectionate cat, sociable and energetic, intelligent and discreet. He quite enjoys the company of children and his short hairs only require a weekly brushing to maintain their shine.

The Burmese

Imported from Thailand, the Burmese cat breed developed in the United States around 1930. It is a breed of cats with a short or medium-length coat that is not exactly black, but it is reality of a brown dark enough to merge with black.


It is good to know that the breed knows 2 varieties with increasingly proven physical differences: the American Burmese and the English Burmese. But in general, the Burmese has a very expressive demeanor which makes them easy going. He likes to be given attention and knows how to give it back. He is curious and friendly, affectionate and fragile.

The Persian

Black is not the only coat color for this breed, but you will find acat Persian in this coat color if you wish. The Persian has bushy, long hairs that require constant maintenance. He appreciates discretion, gentleness, calm and tranquility.

If the black coat is not unanimous among all Persians, when it comes to looks, looks, and even behavior, the Persian is literally a king. His prestigious fur and his physical peculiarities (especially his head) carried him to the palace of Louis XV and to the forefront of feline beauty contests in England.

The Angora

TheAngora a very old race in Europe, which descends Persian. The allowed coat colors are multiple, with black included. With its soft mid-length or long coat, the Turkish Angora has a physique and a look that is pleasing to many cat lovers. Provided with a very light undercoat, the fur is easy to maintain (brushing every week).

The Turkish Angora is not complicated to live with, it illustrates well the independent character of felines, but also seeks companionship and family affection, especially that of its human. It is a vigorous feline who loves to play and exercise, especially around the water because he loves it.

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