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Let's meet Suki, the cat traveler


Let's meet Suki, the cat traveler


Suki is a beautiful Bengal cat who lives in Canada with her owners. With these, this cat has made many adventures in places that most of us cannot afford.

This is an unusual life for a small feline, but the cat was not afraid to use its small paws to explore new lands. Not only does Suki seem happy with her adventurous life, she also has plenty of Instagram souvenir photos that her photos are taken from. I really invite you to subscribe to his Instagram!

Whether it's for a canoe ride or a rock climb to reach a flowery meadow, every place this cat visits becomes much brighter each time she enters it.


Suki has received a lot of comments about the incredible color of her eyes. “Its color is edited! », Says one of his masters. “I really like playing around with the photos to create a bit of magic. "

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