Prepare for adoption: Is the Burmese Sacred is the right cat for you?

Prepare for adoption: Is the Burmese Sacred is the right cat for you?

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Prepare for adoption: Is the Burmese Sacred is the right cat for you?


You want to adopt a cat and your choice fell on the Sacred Cat of Burma ? Know that adopting a cat is a serious decision. But here we are not teaching you anything.

This animal will become a full member of your family and a faithful companion throughout its life. This is why it is necessary to prepare as well as possible for his arrival at your place.

Preparing for the adoption of a Sacred Burma cat

You will soon be including a Burmese cat in your household, very well! After you have found your ideal cat in a shelter, in a kennel, or after having adopted it from a third person and having completed all the adoption formalities beforehand, it is time to bring it home.

But a cat, especially shy, can take time to adjust to a new environment.

So how do you anticipate your arrival?

  • First, place a litter box in a room, so that he can do his business in peace. A room off the main room and away from it food.
  • Regarding food, place a bowl of water always full in a space that will always be accessible to him (and away from his litter), with a bowl of kibble, preferably without cereals.
  • Also arrange for him several other places for his privacy such as, a play area with toys and a cat tree for example or a place dedicated to his sleep with a small basket for Sacred of Burma.You

will have to take the time to let him discover alone his new territory and show patience, calm and tenderness with him, while he gets used to it. Don't force him out of that hiding place.

The peculiarities to take good care of a Sacred Burma

To take care of the Burmese cat, you just have to make sure that it does not lack anything, to respect its type of diet, that its hygiene remains intact, that he is in excellent health, that he has his own spaces but especially to spend time with him.

This robust cat is in general good health. But it is still necessary to regularly consult a veterinarian in order to ensure that he remains in good health and that he is up to date on his vaccines.


In terms of hygiene, brush his hair once a week to avoid knots, especially if he has access to the outside. Brushing will also reduce the amount of hair your Birman will leave anywhere.

Is the Sacred Cat of Burma the right cat for you?

TheCat Sacredof Burma is a cat that requires a lot of attention. Raising a cat is like raising your own child. You will have to feed it, groom it, play with it, be affectionate and attentive with it, even if it does stupid things.

The Burmese cat is perfect for adoption, even adults in shelters because it has the reputation of being faithful, affectionate and sociable with its owners. He really enjoys being hugged, cuddled, he fits in very well with his family and particularly enjoys the company of children as long as they respect him.

It is an indoor cat, very easy and very pleasant to live with. You will not regret it !

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