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AC or battery operated kibble dispenser: What to choose?


AC or battery operated kibble dispenser: What to choose?

AC or battery operated kibble dispenser

We can never tell you enough: to feed your cat effectively, even while you are away, nothing better than a good automatic kibble dispenser. However, this type of equipment exists mainly on 2 power supply modes: mains and batteries.

cat food Mains-powereddispensers and battery-powered dispensers each have their strengths and drawbacks, depending on the length of your absence, the location of the equipment, and budget constraints.

The mains kibble distributor

As its name suggests, the mains kibble distributor is powered by a mains socket. So all you have to do is find a good location at home and plug the device into an outlet, so that kitty can finally enjoy his kibble. With this power mode, you don't have to worry about changing the batteries, which is very economical.

However, there is the flip side. As this device depends only on an AC outlet, so it becomes completely useless when it is accidentally unplugged by the cat or in the event of a power failure. So when you use a mains powered kibble dispenser, you must take into account that your cat can unplug it while you are away. If in addition you are away for several days, the poor cat may starve.

Also note that in the event of a power cut, even for a few seconds, some distributors lose their parameters and stop working even when power is restored. This will have the same consequences as those mentioned above. Finally, as the mains distributor can only be used where there is a power outlet, this poses a serious problem of mobility.

The battery-powered kibble dispenser

Only needing a few batteries to operate, the battery-powered kibble dispenser has the advantage of being able to feed your hairball anywhere: kitchen, living room, garden, ... You can even 'take with you on your travels with kitty.


With this type of dispenser, you can be away for several days in peace, because it does not depend on electrical outlets.

However, you will need to regularly check the charge level of the batteries and replace them frequently. This will require a significant budget from you, or at least will cost you more than by opting for a mains distributor.

Finally, what to choose?

To sum up, it is strongly recommended that you use an automatic kibble dispenserkibblepowered by an electrical outlet if you are not used to being away for more than a day and if you do not need to change thefrequently. location of the device. In addition you will have the advantage of not spending to replace batteries.

The battery dispenser on the other hand will suit you better if you move frequently, with or without your cat.

Finally, if you want to benefit from the advantages of these two dispensers with one and the same device, good news for you: there are also models that work both on mains and with batteries !

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